ZSL92B Internal Security Vehicle - Armed And Armored Policeman

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TL;DR: A ZSL92B modified to specialize in internal security/anti-riot/anti-terrorist operations.



With the collapse of the USSR in the early 1990s, China’s focus could finally switch from heavily guarding its northern border to other matters. One of these matters was the development of lighter, faster, and easier to maintain military vehicles. This need would lead to NORINCO developing a new multi-role wheeled platform, which would be designated as WZ551. In its basic form, this new vehicle would be a an APC, however, as it was designed to be multi-role, ways to expand its capabilities were being developed alongside the vehicle itself. One of these developments would be called ZSL90, a variant equipped with a 25mm autocannon straight off a PG87 anti-aircraft gun. This vehicle would be improved upon, given a better 25mm autocannon, and enter Chinese service in 1995 as the ZSL92. Eventually, an upgrade would be deemed necessary, which would enter service in, or around, 2012 designated ZSL92B. This upgrade would swap the old turret for the GCTWM turret, which housed a 30mm autocannon and could be equipped with a roof-mounted HJ73 ATGM. This vehicle would become the PLA’s main wheeled IFV and would take on several different roles. One of these roles would be as an internal security or anti-riot/anti-terrorist vehicle when gas cannons or smoke launchers weren’t enough, however, it soon became apparent that, in its current form, the ZSL92B was ill-suited for the task for a number of reasons. The side mounted exhaust port was vulnerable to molotov cocktails, the hull-front windows were far too fragile, the existing periscopes did not provide adequate vision in an urban environment, the vehicle could not reliably clear obstacles or barricades without putting its tires at risk, and the vehicle lacked emergency lights and speakers. To address these issues, the exhaust port was covered by a cage, the hull-front windows were replaced with thicker bulletproof ones which would then be additionally protected by wire, external cameras were added in multiple locations (including an elevated camera on the top of the turret), a dozer-blade was added to some vehicles, and emergency lights (including a 300-watt searchlight) and speakers were added. Make no mistake, however, despite all this additional kit designed to make the ZSL92 more of a police vehicle, the 30mm autocannon and HJ73 were still maintained and are still very much lethal. If the situation called for it, this ZSL92B variant could easily revert to its IFV status.

Place In War Thunder:

Autocannon carriers are becoming more and more of a proven vehicle class in War Thunder. It’s only fair that each nation gets one. In China’s case, the best option for the tech tree would be the standard ZSL92B, however, the ZSL92B Internal Security Vehicle could provide a nice premium or event alternative. This ZSL92B was a two unique quirks that make it ever so slightly better than its standard version. Firstly, the elevated camera on the turret would provide much better situational awareness when looking through the commander view, allowing you to see over hills before cresting them. Secondly, the vehicle has access to a dozer, which, while more of a gimmick on its own, could act as a extra protection against autocannon fire or HE projectiles. Playstyle would be rather simple. Spawn in, rush to a strong early game spot, and lay into the sides of unsuspecting MBTs or hunt for enemy scouts. If you come up against something you can chew through with your autocannon, you’ve always got your ATGM to back you up, however, you need to be stationary to actually fire it. As previously mentioned, the ZSL92B Internal Security Vehicle would make for a perfect premium or event equivalent to a future tech tree standard ZSL92B.


Armament: 30mm ZPZ02 autocannon, 1x HJ73 ATGM, and 1x 7.62mm MG

Dimensions: 6.63m, 2.80m, 3.00m (L,W,H)

Weight: 15800~kg

Armor: Proof against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters

Crew: 3

Ammunition: APDS and HE

Speed: 90kph

Horsepower: 320hp


Front View Without Dozer:


Front View With Dozer:


Rear View:


Rear View Close-Up (Note the elevated camera):





ZSL92B | Weaponsystems.net




If you call it armed policeman, you cannot forget the PAP version WJ-03.
The PAP version is a little different.



This looks SO fun! I hope this gets added with the dozer blade! +1

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