Zoom Setting, where do i change it so i don't have to hold down

I recently uninstalled the Game and now installed again but now i have to hold down my Right MB to zoom in instead of just clicking once and again to unzoom, having to hold it down makes it unplayable but i can’t find the Setting to change it only the Keybind for the Zoom
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Ok - so - if you go to controls and then go common - you will find “zoom camera” under view controls - this applies to all vehicles.

In tank controls you have “zoom camera” under camera controls.

I suggest removing the keybind for the “common” zoom.
Then go to tank controls and make sure it is set to rmb.
Then give it a try.

There are essentially 3 “zooms” and they can all conflict with each other and some are toggle and some are hold.

The tank zoom is hold and the common zoom is toggle.
Just remember the common one applies across all gamemodes.
It may tell you have to assign a key for the common one though,

For tanks, my sniper view is shift and on common my zoom is also shift.
It just seems to ignore the zoom in favour of the sniper view.
In the case of aircraft, the “common” zoom will be applied.

OR remove the tank zoom and rely on the common zoom which is toggle.

I removed the Keybind for Common Zoom Camera and set the Tank Zoom Camera to RMB but i still have to hold the RMB for the zoom whether im in the Aim-Zoom (Shift) or not.

literally made a video on it a while back (i show you step by step how to change it)

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