This is a great SPAA but what is with the ammo count? It can only carry 6 magazines? This really needs to be increased.

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Do you have anything that would indicate it did carry more?
I can’t find any info about it, who knows if Gaijin is even accurate with those 6

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Fun fact the gun don’t even use magazines the cylinder magazines are attached to the gun and can’t be removed they can be opened to place a the ammo so technically the gun is more like belt fed and not magazine fed

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Unfortunately there is no information on this tank and since Gaijin added the test bed (Mobelwage chassis with the quad 30mm) and not the actual Zerstörer 45 (Flakpanzer IV (3 cm Flakvierling) ‘Zerstörer 45’) the ammunition will be cut down by default since the space is smaller now

Yeah i did see a text mentioning that while looking for how much ammo it carried, guessing it was easier for them to just randomly fill the tank with mags instead of trying to figure out total amount carried + placement

The Mobelwage mit 3cm flakvierling (what Gaijin thinks is the Zerstörer 45) is completely out from Gaijin imagination and bc of the obvious lack of research we have lost the Zerstörer 45 it’s another cheap attempt by Gaijin demonstrates they’re laziness and lack of dedication to add something in its proper form, the real problem is the double standards we had some discussion in my post and i think most ppl agreed to these points

(Flakpanzer IV (3 cm Flakvierling) ‘Zerstörer 45’ - #53 by GHOST_KING5710)

(Flakpanzer IV (3 cm Flakvierling) ‘Zerstörer 45’ - #60 by TT33a)

And for the ammunition it can be buffed in away not by increasing the total of ammunition but by increasing the ammunition for each gun and since the guns are belt fed there is the possibility that each gun belt can be extended out of the magazine to give each gun more ammunition to fire