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Hello everyone :), what I would like to introduce today is the ZBD86B

In the 1990s, China began to vigorously develop amphibious combat forces to cope with potential conflicts. However, at that time, China only equipped the ZTS63 tank and Type77 armored transport vehicle, both of which were products of the PT-76 development. They were outdated in the historical environment of that time and could not meet the needs of amphibious warfare. Therefore, China began to modify the 63 tank and ZSD63 armored transport vehicle across the sea to achieve better amphibious combat effectiveness. And later on, the Type 86 infantry tank began to undergo cross sea modifications and upgrades, abbreviated as HG. The Type 86 infantry tank, which has undergone modernization and cross sea upgrades, is named the ZBD86B tracked infantry tank.

The development order for this vehicle requires that the sea modification and improvement must be completed within 2001, and the time is tight. But fortunately, the Jianglu factory responsible for improvement had already conducted some improvement experiments on the Type 86, including installing a laser rangefinder, replacing it with a higher horsepower and more stable 6V150A engine, using a low light/white light integrated gunner’s sight, and installing a larger wave deflector at the front of the vehicle. After the development order of ZBD86B was issued, Jianglu Factory directly adopted the above improvements and focused on improving amphibious functions.

Laser rangefinder

Due to the sea modification, better water stability and sustainability are needed to ensure long combat time and high reliability. Therefore, a floating box and a large horse power boat operator are installed at the rear of the vehicle body. The boat operator is connected to the vehicle body by a steel frame to avoid obstructing the infantry exit hatch, and the infantry can control the equipment inside the vehicle. In order to solve the inconvenience of observation and poor communication ability when launching the Type 86, Jianglu Factory replaced it with a periscope of the same model as the 63A tank to improve its field of view, and installed an updated intercom and a new radio.

After these modern and special modifications to the sea, the ZBD86B has stronger amphibious transportation capabilities and combat efficiency. Although it has increased in weight by 1 ton after improvement, its maneuverability has become more flexible when launched. The top speed on water has reached 12.6km/h, and the stored buoyancy is also greater. The minimum turning radius underwater is only 2-3 meters, which is extremely excellent. After the factory test was completed and passed the quality review, the relevant units of the military organized a standardized test. In response to some shortcomings in the experiment, Jianglu Factory has added anti wave plate support rods and engine smoke exhaust devices. After layers of experimentation and improved design, the vehicle was finally finalized in December 2001 and began mass production. During the design phase until 2006, hundreds of vehicles were manufactured, all of which were assigned to the Marine Corps for use. This type of car was later replaced by the more advanced Type 05 amphibious assault vehicle, and his story came to an end. This type of car is exhibited at the Qingdao Naval Museum.

In game

ZBD86B is a modern upgraded version of the Type 86 infantry tank, equipped with more advanced fire control and laser rangefinder, which can obtain more accurate target distance information and effectively compensate for the lack of accuracy on the main gun. It is a good anti tank vehicle and can also use HJ73C missiles to strike enemies. He is also equipped with a boat operator with up to 250 horsepower, which has excellent maneuverability on water. The minimum turning radius on water is only 4 meters, and he can attack enemy flanks through waterways. It can be folded together with ZBD86 in 8.3 as a supplement to the Chinese line-up.

  • Crew:3
  • Main weapon:Type 86 73mm cannon(40rounds)
  • Secondary weapon:Type 86 7.62mm machine gun(1000rounds)、HJ73C missile(4rounds)
  • Equipped with a laser rangefinder
  • Boat operator: 250 hp
  • Engine:Type 6V-150A diesel (298 hp)
  • Weight:14.3t
  • Water top speed: 12.6km/h
  • Minimum turning radius on water: 2~3 meters

The HJ-73C anti tank missile system belongs to the second generation of anti tank missiles with visual aiming, automatic tracking, and wired transmission. It is mainly used to destroy enemy tanks or armored targets within a distance of 400-2800 meters, and can also be used to attack field fortifications and firepower points when necessary.

  • Range: 400-2800 meters
  • Armor breaking power: Tandem warheads, after breaking through the first generation reactive armor, penetrate homogeneous armor plates by 280 millimeters/68 degrees.
  • Penetration rate:>80%
  • Bullet diameter: 120 millimeters
  • Bullet length: 1040 millimeters
  • Bullet weight:<13 kilograms
  • Average flight speed:>125 meters/second
  • Working environment temperature: 40 ℃~+50 ℃
  • Working environment humidity: maximum 95% (+40 ℃)

ZBD86B in water
ZBD86B on train
Laser rangefinder


hello? BMP-1 but more bote?


The outboard made me chuckle from even the first picture. That’s so big.

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+1,If there is a laser rangefinder, then this 73mm gun will become different

+1, range finder for 73m will be massive aid. I can see this at br 8.3 with Laser rangefinder.

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