ZBD86 is even worse now

The PG-9 on ZBD86 was silently replaced with a chinese shell and now the vehicle doesn’t just have a nearly useless missile, it also has a worse HEAT round (the HE round was basically just renamed). ZBD86 and BMP1 really don’t belong in the same BR anymore

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imao the Chinese bmp gets a tandem missile yeah it is slow but its still better and you’re still complaining get a grip man

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What do I need a tandem missile for? The absolute hordes of T54s and T55s that rely on steel and a bit more of steel for armor (and can still be penetrated even by the awful HEATFS)? The leopards that are practically light tanks? The one in a hundred premium M48 that gets oneshot by a teammate before I even see it?
Oh yeah of course, the premium T69s…which are all on my side.
HJ73E has the one strength of high penetration, which means…you could technically bring it to 10.0+ and it should work fine, but you don’t do that since HJ9 and QN502 exist. It’s slow, it can’t fly straight and it’s explosive power is very low for a missile

Honestly I don’t get this whole round replacing thing like what’s the issue with just letting it have both and making the better one researchable

The only different thing is the explosive mass, the penetration is still the same; what are you on about? You’ll kill any open top vehicle by scratching them with HEAT higher than 57mm, let alone a 73mm from a 2A28

The explosive mass is why I noticed the change at all, this does make a difference when you need to take on turbo-rat vehicles like USH/R3 (which are quite a common sight at 8.0), not only because of the fact that overpressure relies on it but also because it increases the chances of damaging external modules such as wheels and flimsy weapons such as missile launchers.
It also seems very unlikely that the shell’s speed, mass and penetration are identical to PG9. Seems like sloppy work to me, but whatever

You don’t need almost a 1kg of TNTe to overpressure USH or R3.

Probably not, but less than 500g doesn’t seem to do it


R3s in general can be trolly, surviving hits they shouldn’t.
You might have been unfortunate in those two cases, but it still doesn’t look good.

The fact that China is still stuck with the ZBD86 (A BMP-1 copy-paste) instead of having some of its MANY domestic IFVs is a DISGRACE!

Where’s the ZBD04A?

Where’s the ZBL-09?

Where’s the VN17?

Where’s the CM34?

Where’s the ZBD-05?
ZBD 05

Where’s the VN22?

Where’s the VN20?

Where’s the VN12?


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Wow that’s terrible.

You will find that they have been doing this kind of thing all along
Russian’s inner thoughts: Chinese tanks are all plagiarizing our counterfeit products, and Russia is the most powerful and the world’s number one

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