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In the 1980s, China was still using the ZSD63 armored transport vehicle, which was outdated and unable to meet the growing demand for combat. Therefore, China began the development of the ZBD86. ZBD86-1 is one of the armament options during development, which uses the same WA314T turret as ZSL92 and is equipped with a ZPT90 machine gun with a dual feed mechanism that can fire APDS ammunition.

After the completion of the Sino French military exchange and cooperation project, China improved the WA314T turret and improved the feeding mechanism, making it equipped with dual feeding function. However, this type of turret has a simple and compact structure, outdated electronic equipment.

In 1988, the vehicle began factory experiments using machine guns. The following year, it passed the factory appraisal and was named the ZBD86-1 Infantry Tank with project code WZ505. Theoretically, the vehicle could destroy the BMP2 at a distance of 1500 meters, but it was not ultimately adopted by the military. The main reason is that it cannot carry anti tank missiles, has weak single vehicle combat capabilities, and is inconvenient to command.


Although it filled the gap in China’s small caliber automatic guns, the modified turret could not simultaneously meet the needs of anti infantry and anti tank. Therefore, this type of infantry tank was not finalized, and the turret was later used to manufacture the ZSL92. The finalized ZBD86 was mass-produced using a 73mm smoothbore gun and will continue to be modernized and upgraded in the future.

In game:

ZBD86-1 is a relatively excellent infantry fighting vehicle. He inherited the body of the ZBD86, with the same mobility and protection capabilities, while retaining its amphibious function. Its turret is the WA314T universal turret, with the same performance as the ZSL92 that has already appeared in the game, using the same ammunition. Due to its insufficient AP ammunition chain damage, it is recommended to equip it with APDS ammunition. It can be folded together with ZSL92.


  • Protection and mobility: consistent with ZBD86
  • Cerw:3 people
  • Weight:13.6t
  • Main weapon:ZPT90 25mm gun
  • Magnification ratio: 1x-7x
  • Ammo:API、HEI、APDS(400 rounds)
  • Secondary weapon: Type 59 machine gun(1000 rounds)
  • Steering and height control: 45 degrees per second.
  • Auxiliary tools: 8 × Type 84 76mm smoke grenade launcher, 4 on each side.
  • Engine:6V150F engine(400hp)
  • Max speed:65km/h