Z47(Rank 3 Destroyer) vs T-34-57(Rank 3 Medium Tank): Help me choose BP reward?

As in title, I have just enough credits to buy one of them. Here are advantages and disadvantages of each, from my point of view;

  • Good dps(but only HE shells)
  • I have no prem German destroyer
  • I have S-701 premium motor torpedo boat to make a lineup
  • I don’t have squadron Japanese destroyer yet
  • 1800% SL boost with premium
  • I rarely play naval mode


  • Decent penetration with APHE
  • I have IL-8 to make up a ground realistic lineup
    +Ground Realistic is my favorite game mode.

So, I heavily lean on t-34-57 but is there any argument for Z-47 that will swing my position? I can get IJN Shimikaze in a couple months for free(after farming squadron points obviously)

If you are barely playing naval mode, you might as well get a vehicle reward that you can regularly enjoy.


Get the T-34-57, it’ll more than likely be better for you overall. The Z47 isn’t super great anyway, but since you rarely play naval I wouldn’t worry about the Z47.


T-34-57 slaps, it’s a fantastic grinder, super fun, has a great lineup, and if it’s your favourite mode then it seems like a clear choice to me
Just probably wait until the 30% off sale in early May.

The 57mm t34s are exceptional. I still use one into 6.3 lineups.

As everyone else says Get the T-34. It’s only real downside is that tall turret ring weakspot, everything else about it is amazing or not too bad to work around

I have both ether Z47 and it’s Tect Tree twin the Z46.

They are nice ships but tbh unless you play regular naval and need a German 4.7 lineup I wouldn’t bother.

The base hulls are nice, so are the guns, but having HE and HE-TF and only 720 rounds total is very limiting. Compare to the US competition where a Gearing class at the same BR has SAP, VT and 720 rounds per turret and you see the major problems especially against Cruisers where your need the extra punch.

Until they get access to base fuse HE with a little extra penetration (non-historical but needed) or there is substantial decompression they will remain second best. Casual naval players Avoid.!