Z-9w at 10.0 is a joke

why is the z9w 10.0? its atgms are only 3km which is already bad but not only that but its incrediably slow at 220 m/s. no chaff or flares and mediore speed and maneuverbility only redeeming factor being the TY-90’s but even with them it sits pretty high for what it is. for example, at the same BR we have the ah-6m, it’s light and nimble also having 8km range, germany has the mi24p which sits at 9.7. 8 5km range missiles with flares, chaff, faster and having hirss and ircm 0.3 br lower. russia is the same case with the the mi24av and mi24p at the same BR as the german one. the british lynx can carry 8 hellfires at the same br as it whilst also being able to carry aams underneath to save hardpoints while g-lynx is the same as lynx but just flat out faster. italy has the a129cbt having once again hellfires, a mounted gun, being faster, thermals, flares/chaff and icrm at the same BR. french have the tiger at 10.0 with hot 3’s with a 4km range and can carry more rockets having maws and mounted gun. sweden has the mi28a which is one of the best helicopters at the BR with 6km range atgms, flares and chaff, faster, and can carry more weapons. japan, america and isreal have ah-1’s at 9.7 but they can carry better ground pounding arnaments whilst being more nimble and faster then it.
so why does the z-9w slower and carrying less arnaments then most other helicopters at similar BR and less protection (no flares/chaff) as its forced to move close to the battlefield, sit at 10.0? 9.7 was fine for it and i dont get why it had to be moved up. i get its meant to be played as an spaa but even so every downside it has begins to show once you dont use it like that and it can be boring


create theme with vote to go BR down

idk how to do that

My guess why it sits this “high” at 10.0 is bc it has access to TY90s. With them it is basically an SPAA that can fly around and is infact way way way more potent and versatile than for example any of the Rolands which themselves sit at 10.3. 4/8 guaranteed 7km kills. As an anti armor heli it’s quite bad but the other factor makes up for that in my opinion.

As a side note, have you ever play squadron battles? The Z9W/A, Z19/E and the Z11 are literally meta defining due to the TY90s



Ty-90s is why.

Flying TY90 launcher at 10.0, while its ground counterpart which has similar powerful missile and gets lower SP sits at 9.3

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I assume you mean the Strela. You can’t sit behind the enemy airspawn with the strela.

Its also much more vulnerable to flares without an ECCM seeker like the TY-90. Not to mention the much worse locking ranges.

You got to be smoking some pretty good stuff when you say that the HN6 is similarly powerful to the TY90? Okay dude, if you want to we can do a test run later so you can see what you are saying is BS.

Discord un: .minelo

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even so, its not like the ty-90s are op, they were fine at 9.7

It’s immune to flares and it has an ECCM seeker
It’s thought to be weak because there are too many Russian CRYERS, don’t be misled

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Its not immune. The Strela uses the same multi-fov technique as missiles like the R-27T’s. (Gaijin calls it ECCM on the R27’s for some reason, but its not true ECCM).

Still very vulnerable to flares when you know how to use them, especially with relatively cold targets like Heli’s.

TY90’s have true ECCM with flare rejection electronics, making them vastly more resistant.

You’d better try it out, there’s been a stealth buff on strela these days. It is completely immune to flares when targeting jets, while few heli has flares at its BR.

Its been unchanged since the bugfixes it received shortly after it was released. Mostly just to fix the wonky autopilot it had.

Unless you can point to a specific datamine I missed.

And heli’s vastly outrange the Strela anyway, so lack of flares is never an issue against it.

If you do have flares, you can play right up close no problem, but if you don’t, just stick outside the Strela’s locking range (~1.5km, even less against the colder helis).

yet the z9w still doesnt have flares and the ty-90s are a rank 4 mod

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Yes, that’s how mod grinding works.

The powerful stuff is generally at the bottom.

Would be nice if we had dynamic BRs depending on module composition etc…
Shame it’s been denied outright on Gaijin’s end for most likely a myriad of reasons ranging from high workload to the vehicles benefitting from it possibly being a minority in the grand scheme of things

Oh well, still a bit funny how my 19E is now higher in BR than the Ka-50 just because the AAM load is that powerful and doesn’t cost SP despite the ground ordinance being on the weaker end. Maybe a bumped SP cost to load the TY-90s to disable spawncamping early on in the match (while making it so that TY-90 + BA-6 on 19E and for other helis with different missiles the AGMs + TY-90 don’t stack in SP cost to make it like 800 SP compared to other helis) would be the best solution, dunno

and it has no flares and its more or less forced to get close to the battlefield since atgms are slow af (although not the slowest is still slow) with 3km range or spend hours playing PVE

3km ATGMs with up to 81x zoom, you don’t need to get very close with that.

But its not the ATGM’s that puts it at 10, its the TY-90’s.