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China North Industry (Group) Corporation has developed a foreign trade Infantry fighting vehicle, No. YW309, based on the fully welded steel chassis of the 85 type (YW531H) Armoured personnel carrier. The vehicle is equipped with the turret of the Type 86 Infantry fighting vehicle, and the weapons are 73mm low-pressure smooth bore gun, 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and Red Arrow 73 Anti-tank guided missile. The YW309 has a crew of 3+8 people and only produces one prototype car.

The driver of the car is in the front left, and the car captain is behind, equipped with MK-4 Periscope; The gunner uses a day/night low light sight, with the turret rotating and the gun pitching electrically driven. The power of the car is a 320 horsepower BF8L413F 8-cylinder turbocharged air-cooled diesel engine licensed by Deutz AG, Germany. The engine air inlet is in front of the roof, and the exhaust port is on the right side of the car body. Like the Type 85, the car has a wave deflector on the front that can float across. YW309 has two sets of electrically controlled quadruple mounted Smoke grenade transmitters, the vehicle radio is vrc-83, and the three prevention system is installed.
Weight: 14.7 tons
Crew: 3+8 people
Length: 6.27 meters
Width: 3.06 meters
Height: 2.48 meters
73mm low-pressure smoothbore gun with 40 rounds of ammunition backup;
7.62mm coaxial machine gun with 2000 rounds of ammunition;
Red Arrow 73 Anti-tank guided missile, 4 spare bullets
Artillery pitch: -3.5 ° to+30.5 °
Power: Deutz AG BF8L413F 8-cylinder turbocharged air-cooled diesel engine, output 320 hp
Power to weight ratio: 21.77 horsepower/ton
Maximum speed: 65 km/h
Maximum floating speed: 6 km/h
Journey: 500 kilometers
Transmission: manual transmission, steering clutch, 5 forward gears and 1 reverse gear
Ground pressure: 0.591 kg/square meter
Ground clearance: 0.47 meters
Vertical obstacle crossing height: 0.6 meters
Trench width: 2.2 meters

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Cool, more unique vehicle. Big +1 foldered with the ZTS and ZBD