(I think I started a thread on this but font remember if it was on the new forum or not. Either way I’m not too sure if it belongs in a specific part of the forum, if it is can you please move it to the correct spot.)

Is there a reason theres no post ww2 Yugoslavian roundel in game? We have the pre ww2 one but nothing from Yugoslavia post ww2. Its a pretty important part of post ww2 history and they used a wide assortment of vehicles that are in game. Both ground and air. Is there a place to request it to be added in game or a way to get the process started?

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You can make suggestions for new decals here: Suggestions - War Thunder — official forum

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How often do suggestions on decals make it to game? Not a critique, just curious on how fast and often the sysytem works.

There is not set timeframe really to specify. However decals can progress to be added to the game.