Your post has been hidden by community flag

Yea, I don’t use vulgar language… I’m getting tired of keeping to the rules and such.

I saw your two recently banned posts. Cussing, no matter how PG-13 it is, is still cussing.
I ain’t getting offended at that, but people do like posts to be PG.

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That’s just your perception, and none of what I say is against the rules…

This ‘manipulation’ almost should be, and should’ve not taken having everything hidden to come to this.

I’m absolutely niffed because I’ve had a CONSIDERABALE AMOUNT OF MY POSTS FLAGGED, merely for not aggreeing with the victim stance that people SOLELY want to put out…

If you’re coming to a forum, then at least engage. This is the same thing I deal with in chat, and even in the matches where peopel ALWAYS complain about how ‘bad’ something is, then any counter just erupts in them coming back with lame assed excuses about how it’s gaijin/server/games fault…

If a new player is lucky, they’ll be found by someone who is keen to show them the way to progress, but if they aren’t and they meet some of these single minded ‘loss’ experts, then they’re likely to end up ONLY seeing that bad angle, and will forever be sitting in chat and the forums moaning about how bad it is…

Just look that the old Tank Only mode veterans, going 5 years strong…

(I stand by my statements, nothing I’ve said is wrong or bad, it’s all just a harsh truth that some can’t handle)

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Don’t understand why they removed the language filter after 10 years and then act surprised when people don’t avoid curse words anymore.

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It is odd, considering the rules and all, but maybe they just didn’t set it up properly in the first place…

In all the haste to switch and get a good clean interface, they forgot the setting.

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In my case, they seem to simply delete the post.
I wrote a very polite and concrete post about changes to the Normandy map. My post was approved - and then completely disappeared.
Considering such treatment by admins, I really, really want to see a replacement for War Thunder.

I’ve asked moderators about this but they refuse to answer me.

Admins treat people well.
Showing patience in some instances.
So I’m doubting your story a bit, especially since this is your only post thus far.

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Mate, respectfully, knock it off. You flag EVERY post on this forum that opposes your take, calls you out or questions your incredibly trollish behavior—regardless of the language used.

Typically the reply is accompanied with something about passion, understanding, etc. You just did it to me today.

Be better.


Then why is it the only post of yours flagged today is the one with inappropriate conduct inside it?
And you did inappropriate conduct for the 2nd time just now.

I am not your enemy. I’ve flagged ZERO posts that opposed my takes. None, zilch.
You know what posts I flag? Insults/vulgar language, and off-topic stuff.
Why haven’t I reported your off-topic rants? Cause someone else can flag both of us in that thread.
I’ll delete mine when it happens, I wonder if you’ll delete yours.

Posting a perspective is not “trolling”, no matter how much you disagree with that perspective.

I am not your enemy, and it’s clear there’s been miscommunication between us.

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Can’t stop what I never started to begin with.
I will however continue to not flag PG posts.
I will also continue to be as helpful as I can to others.
And last but not least, I will continue to provide perspective where I have experience, and never speak on where I do not have experience.


I’ve flagged a chunk of posts, but only when they are either wildly off-topic or when they are downright abusive and clearly in-breach of the community guidelines. Is it abused, maybe, I’ve had posts flagged out of pure spite. But I think the system seems to work quite well at dealing with community members that arent very nice on the community.


And if any of the rule breaking ones were mine, I deleted them cause I read the message for the reason of the flag, re-evaluated my post, and admitted the flagger was correct.
It’s better than receiving warnings from mods.


Yeah, I think you did have one a few days ago, though I dont think I actually flagged the posts but did mention the thread that might be better suited for it

Unfortunately it’s a poor attempt at self-moderation, which rarely actually has any constructive outcome.

To quote the English idiom, it’s as though the lunatics have taken over the asylum when you let the community moderate itself.

Self moderation is a way to do it…sometimes it works, others it does not…pretty sure mods are checking it and seeing how it goes…

Using this topic as a gauge, i would say around HALF of the hidden posts have CLEAR reasons to be hidden…but i admit some are not so obvious and some are some kind of reply…so perhaps someone didnt like the reply :)

System may require tuning…and may not work properly on this type of forum where opinions are sometimes strong and “different”


If only half of the hidden posts have “clear” reasons to be hidden, then the other half of the hidden posts dont. This is a bad system that needs reworking or it needs to be removed.
You cant let posts get hidden by someone just because they have a different opinion. You cant let the masses become moderators.


ngl I find the whole thing hilarious

ppl get so bothered by it and the flag just makes me more interested in reading it

It is indeed.

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The irony of my post being flagged.

/slow clap