Your post has been hidden by community flag

Its just getting rediculous. If I try to read some topics, it appears to be that like 60% of all posts are hidden due to community flags. When you finally open these, they look totally valid without any obvious reason to flag or to hide it.

It seems that the player self moderation is widely abused to hide posts as kind of discussion arguments.

Is it possible to finally realize this feature should be removed?


A post (as in topic) I made was flagged as advertisement and hidden because it was unrelated to the discussion in the threat…
Well looking at how the discussion turned out it might be right, but still funny as well as stupid.
I know for a fact that only a single person reported it as not many saw the topic and everyone who saw it either gave the post a Heart or argued against the one guy who almost certainly reported it.
I mean as far as I can tell this particular individual goes around reporting every single post disagreeing with him because disagreeing with him is the same as insulting him


Sorry, not meant to be offensive, maybe “Gaijin type” would be better here

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It’s way too easy to abuse. I had a comment which was liked 8 times subsequently flagged and removed. You would think a comment being liked 8 times is enough to cause a logic conflict when one or two people flag it because they don’t like what you have to say, but this is GJN we are talking about.

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did it get marked for being off topic

The new forum uses Discourse forum system, which is developed by American developers. Comments being hidden automatically when they are flagged 3 times is a built-in feature and has nothing to do with Gaijin.


If it was removed then that was done by the mods. A flag comment only disappears after 30 days.

No that’s definitely not how it works.

It’s incredible how uncommon basic reading comprehension skills are these days.

So posts can be hidden by users reporting them. You can unhide them by editing them, but then they can be flagged again.

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Yes, to be fully removed it has to be done either by a mod or after 30 days of it being flagged

One of the worst features to be included in the new forum structure - Easily abused by trolls and dishonest people that want to censor all their detractors.


Well done, I’m glad you finally managed to understand what we are talking about.

The number 3 is the default. They can change it to a different number of flags required to hide a post. We don’t know if they’re using the default value or not.

Abusers are a problem for sure.
At least when an off-topic or inappropriate post I make gets flagged, I delete it or remove the offending portion.

There are too many people that think they’re being censored because they don’t address the off-topic or inappropriate nature of their posts, & then get rightfully flagged for a 2nd time cause they left the insults/off-topic/forbidden language in their post instead of editing it out or deleting the post.


Basically this.

Everything might gets flagged and hidden. So say something 3 guys dislike → hidden. I’ve just had 2 messages automatically hidden, this mechanic is broken and should be removed. Free speech

This is a website, a private property entity.
Gaijin does not promise free speech.
And your most recently flagged post has you threatening to wrongfully flag staff, or harass staff.
Maybe it’s that context which had another player flag your post & not because they dislike you?


Staff must acknowledge the game/forum problems. My intention was to have them realising how broken and frustrating this feature is.

Politics, insults, threats, obscene language, divisive language…

The one obviously abused post: Your post has been hidden by community flag - #4 by _Baum
And of course OP.

The rest of the posts are sus to obviously rule breaking tho, so IDK.

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