Your personal kill count in AB -tank battle

your personal kill count in AB -tank battle and not take with you the planes because the are lowlife methods anyway

i finally nearly hit my old record 34 x kills and this was my 3 time where i was able to hit 28x kills

it would be great to have some screenshots for run if you reach 30x kill count like i do 5-7 year ago ps! lets keep this fun so no arque, no offending language or whatsoever

not take any part of the game

cheers ,mates

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Oh nice Haunty, when you join bosss? 6.7 k score, sounds like you had a blast being hit too. since its recent enough, I’ll take a look at the server replay. maybe eat my breakfast to it. getting 25+ :/ is fairly uncommon. much less the 30+ way too much needs to go wrong and right at the same time.

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Ah, those are impressive kills but have you won a match with NO kills or assists? I found this gem from 2015 where I was running around in a SPAA on the old Mozdoc map.


that its insane :=) only the skilled can hit that target welldone mate

spring at this year i joined ,i am usually very strong for playin most whole career with solo because
in Finland there is no great clans most of them all aways passive

yeah when hit over 30 kills you just need get moving all the time and having nearly all the shells can kill at once ,trying avoid get loosing valuable time

Passive as in , passive gameplay,
or passive as in not actively squadding up to play together?

As for the 30+ the ones that I remember were generally different in how it played out. Some of them were as you described.

Then there were others where it’s just a slow grind where most kills take about 2-4 shots. From not having a easy kill shot available, having to prioritize decaps over securing kills to stabilize the ticket bleed.

Some of them is repeats of 4v1 scenarios throughout the match from having friendlies staying back or dying to fast. Less driving nesssry and way more emphasis on working positions and sightlines. Not nesssry to one tap

A Timing push, is constrained by the time to kill to successfully pull it off. So those make it almost nesssry to 1 tap 3 of 4 targets depending on reload speed. It’s roughly safe to leave the 3rd or 4th target heavily bruised to focused on something else. And secure the kill before they become a threat again. This is to not have them all spawn at the same time and create another 4v1. It’s much better to convert it to a upcoming 2v1 or a 3v1. Staggering the wave.

30+ kill match with a series of 1v1 and 1v2. Lots of driving, going back and forth from caps with attrition on both sides roughly the same amount of tanks at nearly the same time.

Series of 4v1 without any level of map control or information on map sometimes means taking a plane to get a quick glimpse of enemy positions then exiting plane. As not doing so is way more likely to run into a bad fight with way less control over how it develops.

Their also a matter if the other team has the majority of kills on a few players vs 75% of the team having kills. To figure out what type of plane spam will pop out. Generally not a concern if managing decaps to avoid passive air spawn accruals from holding majority caps.

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i remember one battle where i was only alive tanker in town map ,all others was destroyed so fast ,so i went to the town in alone and start killing tanks after all i was the winner , i did this same trick 3 times ,damn that poor luck i never get that on video because update and u cannt use after that

i got some furious feedback in enemy players when battle ended ,its supre rare you win 1 vs 15 situation