Your personal kill count in AB -tank battle

your personal kill count in AB -tank battle and not take with you the planes because the are lowlife methods anyway

i finally nearly hit my old record 34 x kills and this was my 3 time where i was able to hit 28x kills

it would be great to have some screenshots for run if you reach 30x kill count like i do 5-7 year ago ps! lets keep this fun so no arque, no offending language or whatsoever

not take any part of the game

cheers ,mates

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Oh nice Haunty, when you join bosss? 6.7 k score, sounds like you had a blast being hit too. since its recent enough, I’ll take a look at the server replay. maybe eat my breakfast to it. getting 25+ :/ is fairly uncommon. much less the 30+ way too much needs to go wrong and right at the same time.