Your opinion of inexperienced players who intentionally idle

Sometimes I question these types of people. I do think idling this bad should be penalized and this type of action only occurs because the game doesn’t incentivize teamwork so what it leads to is players who will only run away.

To add context this guy decided to afk for the rest of the match. Refusing to do anything. Not land, not engage nada. This is also the type of map where NPC’s are often ships and kind of a pain in the arse to kill.

I think they are knuts.

I suppose.

Is this one of those maps where the carrier is the only rearm point? And that they have to hope that the ground forces capture the airfield so they can land?

I’ve idled like this before but it’s mainly because I’ve needed to actually go do something urgently. Not often, but I know some would be doing it often.

Yep. The problem I had though was the fact that he was wasting our time. So almost everyone was getting impatient and also really damn annoyed.

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Yea, if they’re actually ‘there’ communicating or looking about it should be able to be reported.

Ill probably report the replay and him.

Unfortunately, if they are up there flying, it is not “passive behavior” or against the Rules. Passive is when the game starts and they literally do nothing. Sit on the af and never take off, spawn in a tank and never move. That is what is considered passive. As long as they are out there, doing something, they are not technically breaking the Rules. It may be cheesey and unsportsmanlike, but staying alive is as actual tactic. And regardless of their reasoning, it’s still legit. A suggestion for better game design would prolly do better than reporting someone like that. Just how it is . . .

Bot accounts behave that way. Report him for botting, and if it’s a legit bot, the account will be banned.