You lose your surplus exp if you weren't hangar when the fight ended

I know some people will downvote it as not a bug or “it is how it is” reasons. But game doesn’t add your battle exps together if
Exp_Fight_1 + Exp_Fight_2 > Necessary_exp_for_next_research
Let me give you an example:

  1. I am using Boomerang Mk1 premium: so only exp goes to vehicle research
  2. I am researching Rank 1first bomber Swordfish: 2900 exp only.
  3. Fight 1 Result: 2406 experience, ends early for me and I go to second fight
  4. Fight 2 Result: 3508 experience. I survive the fight, return to hangar normally.

Now is the part where I lose exp because game has this bug.

First fight results:
Earned: 11358 SL, 2406 CRP

Activity: 85%

Researched unit:

Swordfish Mk I: 2406 RP

Second Fight Results:

Earned: 16510 SL, 3508 CRP

Researched unit:

Swordfish Mk I: 2900 RP

As you can clearly see, first fight results came when I was inside second fight. Since I wasn’t there, game didn’t register the first fight’s experience to progress automatically. When I returned from second fight, game only counted that 3508 RP into real progress. As you can see from the results, both fights RP “goes into” Swordfish but only highest one counts. This is unfair as I have nothing to do if my RB plane is dead, can’t join with another plane. If game doesn’t want to encourage suicidal-chain grind, this is not the way to prevent it. I am being punished for playing the second game good, if I had returned early from second fight, first fight results would be added.

Note: I logged in, logged out etc, it doesn’t fix. I was still 608 exp into next aircraft. This is unfair. Same thing also happens when you research a module, if your two fight experience sum is higher than what module needs, only highest exp is counted.


They have said (I can’t remember where) that it’s not a bug, and it’s just another way to discourage one-death leaving that catches up regular players sometimes.

Some people switch their research vehicle or mod targets between games when they leave early, if they’re close to their objective, to avoid this. I personally can’t be bothered.

I can understand the reason why they are doing it but don’t agree it is even a decent way. As I said, on Air RB, everyone gets only one plane and time played EXP is much greater than killing enemy planes. So nobody in Air RB would choose suicidal grind as it will reduce their XP grind to 30% if they had not been suicidal. I know I can switch vehicles but some days, I open a quick session of exp/sl boost on certain vehicle for just getting it done as fast as possible. Air RB and this way of EXP stack preventing does not make sense. First as I said, you only have one plane and second, some fights can take really long especially if last enemy cheeses it by staying around airport. So I have to wait 15 min on hangar if I had booster on.

So wait… If we die by another player, do we still get penalized for starting another match before the current one ended?

I explained enough in detail in the original post. Apparently that is not enough. This loss of exp happens only when your first fight experience would complete your modification or plane research and you enter a second match.
Example scenario

  1. You need 1000 exp to finish a modification/plane research
  2. First match ended early for you, you returned to hangar. 1st result didn’t come.
  3. You entered second match. You are playing game.
  4. 1st match results came, but you are in game not hangar.
  5. Your second match ended.
  6. 1st match result came, 1500 exp gained. 1000 exp is used to complete your mod/plane research
  7. 2nd match result came, 2000 exp gained. 1000 exp is used to complete your same mod/plane research
  8. Since you completed a research, you will choose new one. You have chosen new research and only 1000 exp is transferred to new research.
  9. You gained 1500+2000=3500 exp but only 2000 exp is counted by game. You lost your first match’s experience because you weren’t in hangar when it came. It is gone, forever.

When you chain matches, you may not understand this problem but this has been working like this for 10+ years. This is so easy problem to solve with experience buffer system where your all gained experiences are buffered if you are in another game. But Gaijin doesn’t have good software developers or they do it purposefully since anything that makes you grind more is a win for them.

Only way to avoid this is here. Check your mailbox ingame, you can see game results in mailbox. If first match completes your research, now you need to sth. You need to J out to hangar before your second match ends, don’t care if you can kill 1 more enemy. Find the best time to do it, maybe watching tickets or maybe before one last enemy is killed by your team. No matter what, you need to go to hangar, choose your new research before second match ends and result comes


thanks for the explanation, i recently play air RB after the sale last month, and when i now research module for my f-15 , that things happened to me, i was think that it was buggy or me that not good do the math. but thanks for the explanation
the one thing right now i do for not lose my surplus exp is afk in hangar until the result come , when the research of a module nearly done . thanks for the explanation :D

N.B : sorry if my english bad not my fluent language

I have been an avid War Thunder player since 2013, predating the changes to the research and experience system introduced in version 1.37 of the game. Throughout my gaming experience, I have consistently observed an issue related to the calculation of experience points, and it seems to persist despite the evolution of the game.

I kindly request a response from the game developers to address and clarify this matter. It has been a longstanding concern, and I believe an explanation or potential resolution would greatly enhance the overall player experience.

You won’t get response from devs. They locked my issue in WT Issues web site with Duplicate tag. Apparently, it has been first reported 7 years ago officially. They know the bug. But it is not fixed for obvious reasons. If player is not careful, they lose exp. Gaijin loses nothing, therefore no solution necessary.

Explanation is simple: bad software development or ill intentions to prolong your grind. World of Tanks solved this easily. You gain a total exp for all upgrades, then choose what to unlock. So you never lose exp in World of Tanks.