You can kill yourself with your own bomb in a tank

Hello everyone,

I just found out that you can kill yourself with your own bomb, in a tank. Now this is not in ground arcade battles this is in ground realistic battles; now how do you do this you may ask. Well first you need to get in a plane with a big bomb like the Pe-8 or Lancaster, then you need to drop that bomb on your spawn with a 10 second bomb fuze and then j out of your plane then spawn in your tank then if you aimed your bomb in your spawn the bomb along with your tank should blow up. I will leave a link to a video of me doing it.

Thank you all for reading and have a nice day!

u know there is an even easier way and one which is more likely, they added the retarded bombs, the ones with the parachute. Just take a bomber like a tornado or the F111 for big payload climb high and drop the retarded bombs. Depending how high you dropped them you could easily kill yourself from any position in the game