Yo, What happened to M60A3 TTS's Arcade BR?

Yes, I know that the M60A3 TTS is a tank so few people cares about that covered in cobwebs.
However, even with this tank, after the BR update, I noticed a very strange phenomenon:

the American and Chinese M60A3 TTS are completely identical.
Except American one has ERA and better pen dart round (M774 vs. M735).

But in this BR adjustment update, the American M60A3 TTS is at Arcade 8.7, while its weaker Chinese brother is at Arcade 9.0.

Previously, the weirdest BR balance was between the German and American M48 tanks, but even with that notorious BR setup, both had almost same performance with different BR. The reason given was “In historical mode, the same tanks face different opponents” (Of course, I don’t agree with that statement) (and of course, this double standard has now been fixed).

Now, the arcade BR difference between the American and Chinese M60A3 TTS is even stranger, with the stronger one having a lower BR at 8.7 and the weaker one having a higher BR at 9.0. Hey, Gaijin, please fix this.


The perfect embodiment of gaijin’s balance is an example of a joke, always focusing solely on “player data”

Let’s recall the Italian cl13, gaijin will never understand how to balance the vehicle

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Guess which one is at higher BR? LOL

And ofc, they’re identical in every way, except the one with lower BR has higher pen dart round and ERA

Yup really need adjust this BR ASAP

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