YLGA-01 (QLZ04) - What Are They Securing!?

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TL;DR: An 8x8 armored car equipped with a 35mm automatic grenade launcher.


The Type 07P’s history began in the late 1990 when the development of a new APC was initiated. Poly Technologies (PolyTech) and NORINCO both submitted designs to meet the requirements set by the Chinese Army. These were the Type 07P and Type 08 respectively. NORINCO’s Type 08 was ultimately accepted into service as the ZBL-08, which served as the basis for the ZLT-11, a vehicle we already have in-game. PolyTech’s Type 07P didn’t go to waste, however, as it was instead marketed as an export vehicle targeted at developing countries as well as an internal security vehicle for the Chinese Police. The latter role saw the vehicle redesignated as YLGA-01 and kitted out with all sorts of police gear such as emergency lights, sirens, speakers, a set of cameras on a retractable mast, as well as some sort of acoustic crowd dispersal system. On top of the aforementioned, the YLGA-01 received a new one-man turret equipped with a weapon cradle designed to accommodate a number of more lethal weapons. Usually, this cradle would be used to mount standard 5.8mm or 7.62mm police rifles, however, if the situation called for it, the cradle could also accept a 12.7mm HMGs or even a 35mm QLZ04 automatic grenade launcher, which can fire the DFJ87 HEAT grenade capable of penetrating up to 80mm of armor. Unfortunately, the YLGA-01 has not caught the attention of neither the Chinese police force nor any export customers.

Place In War Thunder:

Automatic grenade launchers as a vehicle’s main weapon is an understandably controversial topic when it comes to their possible implementation into the game, however, it must be noted that this is largely due to one main factor: NATO 40mm HEDP isn’t all that great with only 63~mm of max pen. This lack of pen combined with a poor muzzle velocity makes many people assume that a vehicle equipped only with an automatic grenade launcher would have to be placed at an uncomfortably low BR to be effective. The YLGA-01 equipped with the QLZ04 simply would not suffer from such a BR placement thanks to it 80mm penetrating HEAT grenade. Yes, its velocity is still very low, however, 80mm of pen puts this grenade at the same level as 25mm APDS and only 12mm worse than 25mm APFSDS. Playstyle would be rather unique, however, not completely unfamiliar. The YLGA-01 would essentially like any other wheeled autocannon carrier. The main difference is the required distance from your target to actually cause damage being much MUCH smaller, almost right on top of them, essentially promoting an incredibly suicidal playstyle. That being said, once you do get within range, you will not struggle to penetrate foe you may face, with your 80mm of pen at 400rpm. You also have a set of external cameras that can be raised and lowered as necessary, potentially giving you a much better view of the battlefield and potential targets. As the YLGA-01 is a police vehicle, it has little place in the tech tree, however, it would fit in just fine as some sort of event or battlepass vehicle.

(If you want an idea of how this weapon would perform in-game, take the BMP-2M out for a test drive, switch to the grenade launcher and shoot at something. Now instead of every round just not doing anything, imagine it penetrating every time and being able to move around much faster. The Russian AG-30 and Chinese QLZ04 have nearly identical fire rates and velocities.)


Armament: 35mm QLZ04 automatic grenade launcher

Dimensions: 7.00m, 2.65m, 2.10m (L,W,H)

Weight: 20000~kg

Armor: Proof against smaller arms fire and artillery shell splinters.

Crew: 3 (Commander, Gunner, Driver)

Ammunition: HE-FRAG, HEAT, Incendiary, Smoke

Speed: 100kph

Horsepower: 400hp


Side View:

3/4th View:

YLGA-01 equipped with 12.7mm HMG:



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China Defense Blog: Anti-riot....with comfort.

喀麦隆用中国战车击毁恐怖分子装甲车 -6park.com


北京警方加强街头安保:武装处突车24小时巡逻(图) -6park.com

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+1 as an event vehicle. Would be fun.

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I’m skeptical but it does have a decent HEDP round for its gun that might have some potency in the right circumstances. I’m curious if it could be used as an indirect-fire weapon since its range is so low in the direct-fire role so it can be used as an alternative strategy. Especially if you can get the rounds in an arc so they hit the weaker armor on top (roof), and utilize it as a weapon to dislodge enemy vehicles from their positions.
Mortar platforms have so far been avoided since people tend to not like to get killed by them, but this would be quite different IMHO due to its many limitations compared to conventional mortars (If it can even work that way, that is).

What’s the depression/elevation of the turret/gun?

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I haven’t found exact number for that, however, it probably changes depending on what weapon is fitted to the cradle. If you look in the pictures section, you can seen that the cradle by itself has quite good elevation. Depression is also unknown, but since the grenades are so low velocity, it probably doesn’t matter so long as it isn’t worse than 0 degrees.

Also, with regards to it potentially acting like an indirect fire weapon, I’m not too confident in that. Even though we may scoff at its muzzle velocity, 190m/s is still actually pretty damn fast. If you take out the BMP-2M and point its grenade launcher, which has a velocity of 185m/s, straight up, the grenades actually explode long before hitting the ground and quite a ways away too. So, the QLZ04 would have a low enough velocity to shoot over cover but not low enough to roleplay a mortar carrier. Actually, when playing around with the BMP-2M’s grenade launcher in the test drive, I found that such a low velocity isn’t actually that bad all the way out to moderate ranges, especially against stationary targets. You also have a set of cameras on a extendable mast so not only can you shoot over cover, you can see well above it too. I don’t think the YLGA-01 would be the most game changing thing ever added, but I definitely think it and other vehicles like it have their place in War Thunder.

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big hull with schmal turm, so there is no where to hide. +1

Seems … useless

Well, you’re free to submit a suggestion for that vehicle if you feel like it. This is about the YLGA-1.
It’s nevertheless a more “tanky” vehicle (AFV), so it has some stronger allure than a buggy. But I wouldn’t mind either. :)

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Because the YLGA-01 would be able to survive being shot at by .50 cals. This combined with the extendable cameras would allow for a much more unique playstyle at a much more acceptable BR. I’m not opposed to buggies with AGLs, but due to their nature of being completely unarmored, they’d have to be placed at low BRs, which many players would not like.

Found more image.
Military chassis version

UN peace keeping force version with 30mm auto canon.

By the way, does it have tear gas?
I wonder if it can be used against crews of open top vehicles…


Yes. These are photos of the mentioned Type 07P of which I have already made a suggestion for.

I do believe that the launchers on either side of the turret can be loaded with tear gas since it doesn’t make much sense for a police vehicle to be carrying white phosphorous smoke grenades. Allowing the vehicle to fire tear gas would certainly make the vehicle play much more uniquely. Maybe they can function as a weaker version of napalm? Only damaging crew but not killing them. You could even make it so that the crew can heal over time from tear gas damage.

Ammunition for the grenade launcher



There’s a munition expert who made a video to disassemble it
【35破甲榴弹实物拆解(3)引信-哔哩哔哩】 35破甲榴弹实物拆解(3)引信_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

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Great finds!