Yakovlev Yak-36M

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Yakovlev Yak-36M



The Yak-36M, developed by Yakovlev, was a further development of the Yak-36 intended for Carrier Deployment.

On 23rd January 1969, the Yakovlev OKB’s prototype construction facility began construction on the first prototype Yak-36M, which was known as the izdeliye EVM. The mock-up and actual aircraft were identical, with a short ogival nosecone and a horizontally cropped fin tip. A revised nose was under development for future examples. The mock-up and prototype were examined by a mock-up review commission in early 1970, including leading specialists from the Soviet aircraft industry and subcontractors. The mock-up was still half-finished at the time, not completed until the 15th of April.

On the 15th of May, 1970, the Yak-36M flew for the first time at the OKB’s test facility in Zhukovskiy, marking the testing stage that lasted until 1975.

The design process of the Yak-36M was a complex endeavor that involved overcoming numerous technical challenges. Engineers had to grapple with issues such as aerodynamic instability during hover, engine performance, and control systems optimization. The aircraft’s unique configuration, featuring swiveling engine nozzles for vertical and horizontal flight modes, required meticulous testing and refinement.

Eventually, the Yak-36M progressed into production as the Yak-38, merely a few years after the Yak-36M’s first flight.

Technical Data


Crew - 1

Length - 16.37 m (including Pitot)

Height - 4.25 m

Wingspan - 7.022 m

Empty Weight - 7,020 kg

Gross Weight - 10,300 kg (VTOL)

Powerplant - 2 x R27V-300 Turbofan Engines (52 kN each)

Max Speed - 1,210 km/h (Sea Level)

Service Ceiling - 11,300 m

G Limit - 6.0


6 x FAB-100M-54 Bombs on MBD3-U4 Multiple Ejector Rack (3 Bombs each) (Outer Pylon)

6 x OFAB-100 Bombs on MBD3-U4 Multiple Ejector Rack (3 Bombs each) (Outer Pylon)

2 x FAB-100M-54 Bombs (Inner Pylon)

2 x OFAB-100 Bombs (Inner Pylon)

2 x FAB-250 (Unknown Type) (Outer Pylon)

2 x ZB-360 Napalm Bombs (Outer Pylon)

2 x ZB-500 Napalm Bombs (Outer Pylon)

4 x UB-16UMP-73 FFAR Pods Containing S-5K1 or S-5M1 (64 Rockets Total)

2 x UB-32A-73P FFAR Pods Containing S-5K1 or S-5M1 (34 Rockets Total) (Outer Pylon)

2 x B-8M FFAR Pods Containing S-8V or S-8M (40 Rockets Total) (Outer Pylon)

2 x S-24BNK Rockets (Outer Pylon)

2 x S-24B Rockets (Outer Pylon)

2 x UPK-23-250 Gun Pods Containing 23mm GSh-23L Cannons (250 rpg)

(Initial Plan) 1 x VSPU-36 Gun Pod Containing 23mm GSh-23L Cannon (160 rpg) (Center Pylon)

2 (4?) x R-60 AAM’s

4 x R-3S AAM’s

2 x Kh-23M Missiles (Outer Pylon)

Delta-NG Targeting Pod

(?) R-60 Mockup seen on inboard pylons













(Book) Red Star Volume 36 Yakovlev Yak-36,Yak-38, & Yak-41 The Soviet ‘Jump Jets’

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