Yakovlev,Yak-36 "Freehand", The begining of a dead end.

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Initialy known as the Yak-V (Vertikahl’nyy Vzlyot i Posahdka):VTOL, the Yak-36 was the first soviet jet aircraft to ever successfully perform the transition into conventional flight from a vertical takeof and back into a vertical landing on 16 of september 1963 as a tecnology demonstrator

only 4 YAK-36 were ever built meant for testing and research for the potential of Vtol tecnology

the first Ground test aircraft were built in 1962 and two other “pilotable” prototypes in 1963

Coded ‘36 Yellow’, the first example was a ground test aircraft intended to test the thermal and gas dynamic patterns occurring during vertical take-off and landing, in tethered tests. The second example was a static test airframe, while the third and fourth aircraft (“37yellow” and “38 yellow”) were the first and second flying prototypes respectivly


Power plant consisted of 2xR27-300 engines mounted in paralel under the cockpit, each with rotating nozzles capabre ofrotating up to 90º, in order to achieve vertical flight

however the unstable platform required additional control systems to remain stable, and for that, a “probe” on the nose of the aircraft , as well as othe similar control mechanisms were fitted to the wings and the tail.

These redirected the compressed air from the main engines keeping the jet from being uncontrolable.


yak 36 has a wingspan of 10.5 m, a wing area of 17m^(2), a length of 17m a hieght of 4.5m, with an empty weight of 5300kg and a Maximum takeoff weight of 8900kg with a service cieling at 1200m and a top speed at 1000m of 1009km/h with 2xR27-300 engines producing 5300 kgf and having dry weight of 950kg each

during the intensive testing Valentin G. Mookhin would often let go of the stick, and the Yak-36 remained rock steady. even saying that it was easier to fly than a conventional aircraft


The project also intended a built-in GSh-23L cannon potentialy similar to the one on the yak38( wich was never fitted, as the aircraft was never intended for combat)

it could equip 2 hardpoints capable of carrying 2xFAB-100(1), 2xFAB-250(2) bombs, 2xUB-16-57UM FFAR pods(3), 2xUPK-23-250 cannon pods(4) as well as 2xR-3S (5) as shown below.


download.thumb.jpg.0229f49418cf5026eda6a and also had this cammo

Aircraft “36Yellow” (above) was donated to the soviet airforce museum.

The first prototype “37Yellow” was used in 1972 to test the effects of jet exaust forces and temperatures on the aircraft carrier “Kiev”

The second prototype “38 Yellow” served as a trainer for VTOL and hovering techniques; it was flown by Mikhail S. Deksbakh, Leonid Rybikov, A. P. Bogorodskiy and other test pilots preparing to fly the forthcoming ‘second-generation’ VTOL jet(YAK-38). Deksbakh alone made 17 flights in this aircraft between November 1970 and February 1971. Unfortunately, in February 1971 Rybikov touched down with an excessive sink rate after performing yet another hover and wrecked the aircraft. The pilot wasnt hurt but the machine was destroyed

As it was a simple proof of concept , the yak-36 was only ever used as “test subjects” and tecnology doemonstrators , performing in various airshows during the mid 1960´s(1965-1967).

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