Yak 28 and its wonky gameplay decisions

So you have this plane that is built around being a very fast bomb sled. 1860kph stat card and some amazing acceleration. 3000kg payload. Except none of it works right.

To start, you wing rip at 1124kph under 3000m. Anything above 70% throttle will wing rip you in level flight. Any maneuvering at all above 800kph will wing rip.

You cannot reach 1860kph at 12km. Max you can get is ~1600 before you run out of fuel. Taking a full fuel load means you have to burn off fuel to even reach that speed. Acceleration at 12km is glacial even with afterburners. It takes around 5 mins once you reach 12km to even accelerate to 1600kph.

Above 5km you cannot release your bomb without it flying off target. Your bomb sights are wildly inaccurate. So much that you can miss whole bases if you try to drop at 5km in level flight.

You sit at 9.3 with a mountain of planes that can fly faster than you, out-turn you, have missiles that your flares struggle to counter, and you don’t have enough bomb load to knock out a single base. Most games a 3000kg is about 1/2 a base HP.

Someone really hated this plane in the dev team, because this thing has been done dirty for a long time. When a 3000kg killed a base in 1 hit it was acceptable. Now its just sad.

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