Yak-141 R-73

When will the Yak-141 get its R-73s? If they can give them to the new MiGs, the Yak can certainly use them.


The Yak is a paper mache plane (technically modeled but never properly developed and used)

iirc none of its documentation shows R-73 access, and since its a relatively theoretical aircraft they shouldn’t just assume it could fit X, Y, or Z.


Definitely would like to see it receive the R-73, it combined with its VTOL functionality would be a lot of fun.


Would have to either loose R-27ERs or move to 12.3. Not a chance it would remain at 12.0


i think its OK if Yak141 go to 12.3 with R73 :)


Lol, the fact is the R-73 is only short range missile that Yak-141 should have acces to. R-60 is incompatible with Yak-141 FCS. We even have official brochure.


Why does it use the export R73? ik its technically better but I thought it was, well, exported.

Because it’s export brochure from Farnborough.


The R73e gets slightly improved gimbal limits IRL of ±45 degrees over the basic R73’s ±40 degrees.

Knowing it’s an export brochure makes it make sense, it should receive its R73s then

Fake. R-73E has exactly same performance as R-73. Basic R-73 has ±45° lock angle before launch. Gimbal limit is ±60°.

im pretty sure its at 12.0 because it only has 4 missiles. i mean look at the other 12.3 all of them have 6x missiles at least

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There is no reason to take R73 over R27. It only has 4 hardpoints. Having access to r73 wont change much. Although maybe it should move to 12.3 regardless, it’s a very strong plane which is overlooked by many

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To be honest, more my thinking. In my opinion R27ER is such a strong missile in WT that any carrier is already pretty close to needing to be 12.3+ anyway. Yak141 is far from a weak platform as well. On par I’d say with most 11.7s easily if not a comfortable 12.0 platform on its own. R73s may be a rare take, but it would be enough in my opinion to nudge it over that line to needing to be 12.3. especially as I’m still expecting R73 buffs within the foreseeable future

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There would be if gaijin removed 2 of 4 R-27 to make yak more accurate.

Weird they gave it 4x then


The Su-25T and 39 have 2 of them at 11.3, it having 4 at 12.0 where it rarely sees downtiers is perfectly fine imo.


Considering the inclusion of planes such as the Flanker, Eagle, and Gripen, all of which will carry advanced weaponry, it is only natural that the Freestyle should get R-73s, same as how the Tomcat B should get AIM-9Ms, even if it means bringing both planes up to 12.3.


Yak-41 with only 4 rockets on 12.3?

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Firstly, it already sees 12.3 matches most of the time, secondly, it has ER and ET missiles which are the strongest in the game, and thirdly, the VTOL + R-73 combination would help it turn the tide of many normally unfavorable dogfights.