Yak-141 R-73

It has only 2 R27ER/ET xD
Adding R73’s won’t change anything, and they are easily fouled anyway.
Only hard to avoid are if you are centrally behind someone this rarely happens. You often meet someone’s side which is also easy to flail.

The MiG-29 has the same amount of ER/ET, what’s your point?. The fact that you don’t see how much of an improvement the R-73 would be over R-60s and R-27Ts indicates a massive skill issue.


You overestimate how useful VTOL is in the cocaine-fuelled mess known as Air RB. Its fun for some trick and makes for good montages, but you have to be pretty slow to use it, which means you’re often in a position to get third partied. VTOL is more useful when its its 1v1.

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im praying to the snail every update for r-73 on yak-141


cool, if they move it to 12.7 i’m fine

they should move it to 12.7 even if they don’t give the missiles to it.

yeah it literally makes the yak41 the best dogfighter of the game, even despite VTOL should absolutely make the plane lose positive pitch authority since that’s what VTOL is made for; to go flat up.

of which unlike these 6 plus missiles, each one of these four missiles is a granted kill if used with a single functioning neuron.

With R-60 as its close in weapon?

Having 2x R-27ER and 2x R-73 imo is a better loadout for the Yak-141 because it can use the funny VTOL as needed to sling R-73s and win dogfights… but the unreliability of the R-73 makes that a risky choice. Currently it is held back by ordnance rather than flight performance.

Of course, never at 12.0. Honestly, it should probably be 12.3 as it currently sits but the total number of ordnance I think is what holds it back.


I mean, while I cannot claim to have much knowledge, I can imagine if you were intending on pushing for a merge with the enemy you might run a mix of R-27 and R-73. As one isn’t affected by multipathing.

I’m not 100% about that, so I’m not saying you’re necessarily wrong.

2x R-27ET and 2x R-73 would be a deadly flank / sneaking around the map combo and would definitely be welcome in sim to combat the AIM-9M spam.


if the MiGs are at 12.7 because they have them, the yak41 could be 12.7 too.

Not like it’s balanced anyways 💀

Id much rather keep R60s, with the BR of 12.0 , the Yak 141 sits in a very good spot, where it sees a decent number of downtiers due to the 11.3-11.7 premium spam.

Too bad its airframe is inferior to the F-16s’
And you underestimate how good the Gripen’s flight performance still is.

The R-27Ts aren’t too bad. I think they’re more useful than R-60Ms.

They are, and personally i find it very funny to throw 200kg missiles at 1km , especially against the F16s

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I have changed my mind since this post was created, never give the Yak its R-73s, I love clubbing people at 12.0

Enjoy it whilst it lasts… The FA2 is coming :P


easy 3-4 kills with 4 R-27s