Xm-1 (gm) at 9.3

the Xm-1 (GM) at 9.3 is a joke. M735 does little to no damage, and most other vehicles at BR have rounds that can pen upwards of 400mm. most other tanks at BR have decent mobility too, and the xm-1 has piss baby armor, so it gets 1 shot constantly. i’m fine with the armor value but the BR + M735, makes it underclassed in many scenarios. it should have M774 but many devs said that would be OP when the M60 TTS has it at 9.0.


The XM-1 is put in that BR due to its speed. And for the gun it has a pretty good gun and if you’re not penetrating any targets at 9.0 (which most of the tanks in that BR have paper thin armor) you’re just not shooting at the right spots.
Also you understand that putting the XM-1 to 9.0 from 9.3 wouldn’t change anything from the tanks its fighting, and if it was to be put any lower then 9.0 that it would curb stomp 8.0-8.7 tanks.


No, even some top tier tanks have only decent mobility when compared to XM-1, while most mediums at it’s BR have way, way worse mobility.

M60 TTS gets it because it’s way, way slower than XM-1 and has much worse gun handling as well.

it wouldn’t matter what the mobility is, it gets an uptier most games.

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As other 9.3s, problem of being uptiered to the shadow realm that is 10.0 TURMS/10.3 PzBtl isnt limited to XM-1.

Alas its round should be fixed at minimum, possibly even giving it M774, but that depends on how its armor performs downtiered.

Can XM-1(GM) be UFPed by DM23 or the T-55Ms short rod?


It matters, since it will see 9.3 tanks in every single game it plays at.

It seems okay when I play it, but I do think a slight shell buff would benefit it without causing it to become stupidly overpowered.

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This is total bullshit. 9.3 is the BR of the game where you are filler for the horde of premiuns 10.3.
It’s pathetic how 9/10 games end up like this. But of course they won’t do anything because they have all those tryhard’s defending them.


Only four people in each team can be +1.0 BR from the lowest.
So, if you are playing 9.3 in a 10.3 game, you will at most see four guys that have 10.3 vehicles, while 75% of other players will be < 10.3.

Also, considering 9.3 is a popular BR with loads of premiums, you’re bound to plenty of 8.3 games as well.

If in all the ones I play I have 10.3 or 10.00 it is going to be a little difficult to see 8.3 in the same one.

I know the stupid rule of only 4 of the top level that you use to minimize the problem. But it’s still unfair.

In 3 days playing more than ten a day I have been top tier in 1. If that really seems logical to you…

Maybe I have accepted some clause at some point and this is a game for masochists. :)

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I’d say it’s fine at 9.3. However, it suffers because of constant uptiers to 10.3, where it is considerably worse after the nerf of its round