Xbox Winter Sale

From today until Jan 22nd the following packs are 50% off

  • War Thunder - F-4S Phantom II Pack
  • War Thunder - A-10A Thunderbolt (Early) Pack
  • War Thunder - M1 KVT Pack
  • War Thunder - F-5C Pack
  • War Thunder - K9 VIDAR Pack
  • War Thunder - MiG-23ML Pack
  • War Thunder - T-72AV (TURMS-T) Pack
  • War Thunder - King Tiger Pack
  • War Thunder - Leopard 2A4 Pack
  • War Thunder - MiG-21bis “Lazur-M” Pack
  • War Thunder - Su-25K Pack
  • War Thunder - Kfir Canard Pack
  • War Thunder - Turm III Pack
  • War Thunder - Greek AH-64A Apache
  • War Thunder - USS Arkansas Pack
  • War Thunder - Merkava Mk.2D Pack
  • War Thunder - Su-39 Pack
  • War Thunder - A-6E TRAM Intruder Pack
  • War Thunder - Saab J35XS Pack
  • War Thunder - Black Shark Pack

The A-6E does not show up in the xbox store at a discount it shows $69.99

I could get a good game for the price of one vehicle to play in what is currently a bad game.

What a piss poor spot to announce an xbox console sale. Are we as a community not worthy of an announcement on the main page? Or at the very least somewhere it might be seen. I mean this is the area for tech support, not sales. The only other place I saw this was in the war thunder club on Xbox. But please take in to account a lot of people have moved on to PC from Xbox to play the game and don’t see the sales. I just happened to be checking something else and saw. Really wish I could transfer my account to PC. But that’s been off for some time now.

Xbox club and news feed is the only place where majority of Xbox players would see the announcement realistically.

But you didn’t post it in the news feed. It’s buried here in the support section. No tweets, no facebook, no YouTube. It’s posted in an area that’s not even used normally to make sales announcements. And just so you know you only see the post on Xbox if you go to the war thunder club or follow war thunder on your dashboard. So making it more visible elsewhere would likely lead to more sales. That is the goal.

By the newsfeed I mean the one in console dashboard. So together with Club it covers 99% of existing Xbox players, who still own the console at least, and can make use of the sale. We aren’t going to post it elsewhere, and the same goes for PS Store activities. Only global news concerning all platforms or sales in Gaijin store are covered on the main website, since naturally you can just go to store website from there if you’re a PC user.

It’s unfortunate that consoles aren’t important enough for you to take the small amount of time necessary to effectively communicate to ALL of the console players about sales. Especially since there’s a large portion of us that are stuck being “console” players because the ability to transfer accounts to PC has been disabled for 2 years at this point.