Xbox problems - we are aware of the issues

Dear players,

We are aware of the “Processing Operation”, “Updating online profile” and “Internal server error” issues that are affecting players at the moment. We apologize for these issues, and are currently working to fix the problem.

Thank you

Are you gonna refund us our lost premium time just asking

Yeah one whole week later and still nothings changed. Great job Gajin, steal all our money but don’t even allow us to play the game we spent money on

They never do. Whenever they actually do it is usually 1 day which instantly expires by the time most people get it since it starts at the exact time it is given out and ends at a certain time regardless that day

They will never get another penny out of me its a massive joke to all xbox players 6 days no fix same reply each day. It takes us between 2 to 6 hours to log in if we can at all.
If this was an issue that effected pc players it would have been addressed and fixed a few hours after it was detected.
Its like they want to lose players with this issue and now destroying the forums R.I.P war thunder going back to wot’s

Hi guys, we released an update approx. 12 hours ago that should have fixed the problem, if you could please kindly let me know if it has fixed the issue for you or not.


Seems to have worked on my end. No issues.

soooooo, how bout returning that lost premium for @live accounts.

There’s a new problem now, with the friend list, something about some permissions, I don’t know, but a have to restart the game to add a friend in a squad… it’s annoying.