Xbox one controller

I was wondering if anyone had used a hardware add on to your controller to increase the number of controls available. I was looking for something like that to make it easier to swap weapons types IE; btwn smart bombs and iron bombs, or btwn Heat seaking missiles and radar guided missiles

I mean the easiest way is to connect a keyboard to your controller…

I use for years the trustmaster joystick to fly in Air RB, a mouse for looking around and put the whole MEC stuff and everything chat related to the controller…

I use a microsoft chatpad. Buttons feel like those old pre-smartphone cellphone buttons but it does the job for stuff like gear, flaps and of course typing in the chatmenu.

You could buy the Razer Wolverine V2 controller, I think it has extra buttons. Same with Elite series controller, except they always seem to break (buttons falling off etc)

Didn’t realize you could use the chat pad for that. I will have to get one and figure out what the limitations are. Thanks for the advice.

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Only thing that doesn’t really work is anything where you need to hold the button down, other than that it’s just a (crappy, tiny) keyboard. Works great if you but the most important/urgent stuff on your gamepad itself.

I’ve got the original MicroSoft one but a third party probably should work too. Can’t guarantee it as I’ve only tried the official one myself.

Any USB keyboard will work with xbox

My only reservation with that is my poor keyboarding skills. I can see myself hunting and pecking during a match.

If you got any ideas Xbox controler binds please share