Xbox birthday sales?

I know there are issues with the Microsoft store, but can we expect any now the PC ones have been announced?

@gromvoiny any light on this?


Looks like you missed it, i brought GE, 1 year prem and a swedish Bf 109 g6 all on sale

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Those were GE discounts, not Xbox store discounts.

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Same thing happened last year. Nothing was on sale for XBox during the Anniversary Sale or the Christmas Sale. Gaijin will not respond to the issue as it has been asked repeatedly.

What was there response the first time the issue was raised?

As far as I know, Gaijin has never responded to this issue being raised. If they have, I have never seen a response, and they have never responded to any of my posts.

They have on occaission and cite microsoftstore limitations. Some players deny this after talking to microsoftsupport but those are just minimumwage employees with a script in the Phillippines trying to deal with superficial issues and prob don’t deal with publisher limitations etc. so am not sure who is right or what the exact deal is here.

There are no limitations imposed on Gaijin by microsoft. Any limitations are self-imposed by Gaijin due to not wanting to give 30% of everything sold on the PS store or Microsoft store. This is why everything can be on sale on the Gaijin marketplace (they get to keep all the money) and on consoles we get 3-4 packs or very limited sales.