Wyvern Spam after 50% Sales Making the Yak-3 Grind Impossible for new and seasoned players

We can all agree that making a 50% sales before an air event is the worst decision that gaijin ever made and as a result wyvern are making the yak-3 event a pain matches are ending in 3 minutes new players dont know what to do, other strike aircraft are even starting to kill wyvern teammates.
In summary either it gets uptiered to oblivion or gets deleted because it just sucks to face it when you get you first p51

Wyvern works more as striker, I never used it as fighter since the maneuverability is terrible, most fighters can out-turn pretty easily and at high speeds it just start wobbling.


yes we can kill it if it is a 1v1 now 1v12 nah bro you aint making it back alive

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How the hell you play a match and for some reason you’re the last alive and the others, enemies, are all Wyvern?

This also happens to Ground, as a example, Turm III is on 8.3 RB and doesn’t get moved up BR because it’s spammed neither deleted, VIDAR also other thing, very good, only got moved BR just after got added into the game: 7.7 RB to 8.0.

If the players had the power to do this they would do. Probably removing instead of moving up BR.


Lol, maybe not the worst ever made, but I can see it being bad. Also if you look at it from their point it’s great. Because hundreds of people bought it and they made thousands of of it


Yes they did buy but by doing so we are getting matches with more that 12 wyverns maybe gaijin gotta refix air rb an limit the amount of strike aircraft

Yup a whole team of turm 3s the vidar aint really a problem it just got added lats year

You’re right, isn’t much a problem when they’re on the enemy team as you mostly will know that they’ll leave on their 2nd death,

But I’m not complaining much since I don’t have problems dealing with both vehicles, I’m saying this because of the others which complains in the forums about “VIDAR too OP move it to 12.7!!!1111” or something less absurd, same with Turm III.

I’m really going off-topic right now, I’m sorry.

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nah no problem going off topic i understand what you are saying

if it was at 12.7 it will be like the rank 1 french tanks

Yeah. I agree with the limit thing. I think there’s something kinda in place, but idk for sure

It’s like this after every sale. It’ll die down in a week or two.


Those wyverns actually make for easy kills if you want to get an ace…


Oh pleeeeease. Other nations had stab L7 or an equivalent at 8.0-8.3 for years and it was not an issue. Sure, 5s autoloader is nice but nothing broken and it gets deleted easily practically with anything because of its paper armor.

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Just dont play 3.3 to 5.3 for a while its that easy besides why are you even grinding the yak-3 its a copypaste


Can you share replay links those matches? The highest number I witnessed was 10 Wyverns during the last score based grinding event. Depending on daytime or weekends 5-7 are way more common.

Losing by tickets within less than 4 minutes on maps like Tunisia or Poland is extremely annoying, usually 25-40% of the players don’t even have a chance to score and end their matches with 0 points…

Limiting the usage (and therefore extending queue times) for premium planes looks rather unlikely - even if i would appreciate limits for air spawning fighters and strike aircraft.

Currently you can face up to 5 fighters with interceptor spawn (per nation) plus a smaller amount (not 100% sure) for planes with air superiority spawn (different to IC spawn). In other words: The MM has a massive impact on the outcome even without hordes of (unlimited regarding numbers) strike fighters played as pure fighters.

This can’t be right - so imho at least an equal distribution of air spawning fighters to both teams should be considered.

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i want premiums even if it is copy paste i got no money and since i started i already have 2 russian rank 3 premiums this yak 3 will be my 3rd kinda sucks i wanted a premium for another country but it is what it is

If you already have a rank 3 premium its a waste of time

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I have th opposite experience. It used to be a good bomber, but then they uptiered it and every base takes more bombs than it can handle. But its super powerful engine and lots of 20mm ammo make it a great fighter. Had one match of Air RB with 7 player kills

i have the il8 and the russian p47 but i want a proper figther thats why i am grinding the p47 is more for cas