Wyvern FPE

The FPE on Wyvern doesn’t work, the plane is on fire and when you press the button it just shows a “not fire” message. Only when the plane is totally damaged or out of fuel does the FPE appear. XDD

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Might be an engine fire or a fuel tank fire. Can not tell due to lack of info, fuel leak or engine damage.
Fuel tank fire will only disappear if you have self sealing fuel tanks or the fuel tank is empty. Engine fire is the oil that your FPE should deal with, other than that diving may help while you cut your engine to starve the fire of fuel

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Pretty sure it is, I’ve experienced this on other planes before. Might be worth making a suggestion to make the message wording less confusing

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That i could if i had more information, ie fuel leak or engine damage

When I play the plane, gonna upload the replay, maybe this can help.

If you get fuel tank leak your fuel will flash leak if you have show full indication enabled in battie interface options