Wye is the british tank tech tree so bad

wye is the british tech tree so dog water, 5.0 was the comet I and challanger, that where only good tanks in the tech tree they moved to 5.3 Great man. and the shrapnel from the APDS rounds are also bad, i mean alright not much shrapnel but it should be at least deadly, they buffed that too, what else? the conquer tank has so bad rounds espicailly the APDS it serves NO SHRAPNEL even though its 120mm, what is this? the british is already bad now they made it even worser and also about the chieftan mk 3 and mk 5 LITARLy at 8.3 abd 8.7 NO damm apdsfs ONLY STUPID apds man. wye playing british man

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It’s simple, when the ground forces began, the two nations that had used APHE, and they based the damage with that type of bullets, the problem is that they did it wrong, giving them extreme damage, but since the two sides that had carried that ammunition there was no problem, but by adding nations that only used ammunition without explosive and new models of ammunition like APDS, HEAT-FS, HESH and etc have made a complete imbalance in the nations, giving rise to nations that play at a disadvantage, tanks with a wrong BR only for carrying ineffective ammunition and games where you face tanks 30 or 40 years apart.
As I said a while ago, more than the economic model, the game desperately needs a change in the penetration calculator and above all a totally complete change in the damage model of absolutely all the types of bullets in the game making all of them more lethal and less lethal APHE to make them more realistic.
Here are some examples of how various people in the community try to solve the problems of the game.

I have been in some games of this type and I have to admit that there are people from the war thunder community who do enormous work to try to improve the game, who, although they are not very listened to, have all my respect for their great work and dedication, I hope that one day a gaijin will listen to them and we can finally have a realistic, balanced game that can be enjoyed.

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Britain main, here yeah, grinding british tanks sucks. I’ve finished air and bluewater trees, but have barely touched BR10 in GRB. The APDS shells do bugger all damage and they have just been nerfed again. It might be historically accurate, but they need to do something. British tanks play with such a massive handicap its kinda crazy

finaly someone that feels pain

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I’ve finished British air and grinding the black night at the moment.
There are a few gems dotted around the tree, but overall GJN hates the UK and gimps most of their equipment. Starstreak missiles for example are performing nowhere remotely close to IRL, and even if they were this bad irl it would make no sense to have them like this for gameplay purposes.

At the moment I am loving the Vickers mk7 though. It’s a shame they think Challengers should have paper armour despite having the best survivability of any modern MBT. Apparently real life performance isn’t a consideration for GJN, just whatever bullshit “specifications” are advertised. Hence why Russian stuff is amazing in game despite being useless IRL.


dude i gave up should i grind britian?
i have no premuim

ive been playing so long man im at 7.7 ground and 5.5 air idk what to do

The game is extremely slow to grind if you don’t have premium time, regardless of which nation you play.

My personal recommendation would be to play Russia/Germany too. That way when you get fed up of being trolled playing British vehicles you can turn on easy mode and club with Russian vehicles. That’s what I do anyway.

thats wye i have been playing british no premuim since 2019 and got stuck at 7.7

Hopefully some economy changes are in the work, including RP, but until they flush out the british tech tree and fix APDS its gunna be a tough time for anyone not at max. I want to get there, but im just picking at it, with a match now and then. I dont have the patient to grind it out. Im also not a huge fan of GRB, but hoping it gets better at higher BRs

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