Would it be possible to put a warthunde mode only with WWII planes?

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Hi and welcome to the forum. I’m just here to give slight warning because don’t expect a warm welcome. The WW2 only mode has been discussed many times and it can get pretty nasty in those discussions.
But don’t be afraid. Enjoy your time here.

I would love to see such things but it is hard to balance and Gaijin shows not much interest in this for now.

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Generally speaking, Gaijin has different objectives in terms of BR setting, and is not looking to include era-exclusive modes. Even in simulator (at least for ground, don’t know about air) you will frequently encounter time travelling vehicles.

If an “authentic” experience is what you’re after, your best bet is to join a custom server. It will not contribute to the grind and progression, but there are custom servers that take historical roleplay very seriously.

Thanks for the answer

Really, the best thing you can do is learn what BR’s stay in the “WW II Era” and play those. In Air AB for example, you can stay pretty much in that time frame playing BR 5.0 & below. I am sure it is similar with tanks, but might vary slightly. After you do it for a while, you’ll know where to play(BR wise) and stay away for newer, more modern stuff . . . generally.
Good Luck