WTRTI - Is it allowed? - How does it work?

Good day.

Simple question. I hear more and more often about “WTRTI”. According to Gaijin, mods/skins are not allowed outside of “live.warthunder.com”, but still very many use it?
How can this be?
Does Gaijin allow the use of WTRTI, and is there a source for it?

And if it is allowed, how to install this overlay, and what are its limits?

overlays that dont give you any gameplay advantage are allowed and MATAWG uses WTRTI in his videos so im sure if hes not banned u wont be

Recommendation would be just write Sm7n t8 ask, he should answer it when he finds time

Sound mods are allowed im fairly certain, at least when I installed the one I run, I look at the War Thunder Wiki’s guide for installing sound mods. Skins can be toggled client side, so you cant see them on your opponents. so no real advantage there. If any at all.

This does look interesting though. Some of the stuff it says it gives could be handy. So im interested what the response is.

It pulls information already available to the player through Localhost and then just overlays it in war thunder while you fly and it also offers a database on aircraft information such as rip speed for gear flaps, wings, etc. There’s effectively no install procedure, download application, run while war thunders open.