Wrong shell name?

Shouldnt this ammo be named APHECBC, and not ABCBC? For me both are something different, but I dunno if it is seen as one type.

No, the filler is secondary as well as the type is taken from the Name, Pzgr and not Pzsprgr.

This is an armor-piercing high explosive capped ballistic-capped, isnt it? I think it is, so why is it named APCBC, which doesnt include the explosive filler?

I dont know about American ammo, but the name also doesnt include the filler, just M61 Shot.

But shouldn’t the name just say what it is, like AP is armor piercing, HE is high explosive etc… So isnt there just a missing shell type? Or is there a round where there is written APHECBC?

No, i think it has to do with the % amount of Shell to Filler.

I took a look at some different ammos, there is APHEBC (on russian tanks for example), but no APHECBC, if you see APHECBC somewhere tell me