Wpild love to know how the 30-60mm armor on a TAM just shrugs off 430mm pen missiles with not even a pen

As per title, shooting a TAM2IP in the turret with my M60A2 and which should be a killshot with a 430mm pen missile with 6 kgs of explosives is a non pen zero damage.

Maybe time to fix the broken game engine.

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Volumetric armor is why

Premium tank + volumetric = will never get fixed

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Because the armor is mostly NERA designed against CE?

Volumetric sucks.

Theres literally not a single point on TAM that is not green in the pen simulator to this missile

High oblique impact angle causing “ricochet”?

The Protection analasys is not perfect and also gas troubles with multy layer armor. It is also not true to the game 100%. It obly offers a general overview.

wt magic

I’ve shot a BMP-2M with HEATFS and didn’t pen
it’s just good old WT mechanics

Volumetric is realistic but not so much in some circumstances, just had a T-55AM absorb a 361mm APFSDS to the upper lower plate👍I’m not a developer or anything but there has to be a way to fix this.