Would you play a Ground Forces Only Event?

Like the title says.

  • Yes
  • No

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What mode would you prefer?

  • Arcade
  • Realistic
  • Hybrid

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I would play the event, but only to form an educated opinion, not because I actually like the concept of a crippled War Thunder.

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Didn’t they do a Rocket League event not too long ago? I’d play that

If that is what people want then I don’t necessarily oppose it.
It’s just that, why? Aren’t all events somehow mixed so there is something for everyone already? If we split events wouldn’t air and naval be left behind?

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Yes, please. I’d love to try a multiple-spawn, RB or SB tank battles mode.

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I want Floats! weeked events like before, not Im-too-lazy-to-research-Fighter event :(

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For Gaijin to provide a different experience for the players. As you stated events are already mixed combat so the GF only event would be a small opportunity to provide something completely different from what has previously been done multiple times. Also a GF only event would provide Gaijin to get some feedback/ data about a GF only experience that they might be able to utilize to provide a better experience for the community.

No reason Gaijin can’t do events focused on just AF and NF only as well.

Ah I see.
Personally I don’t have interest in such a thing since I play mostly air but for the many that do I’d support the concept.

Just test it and let it go a few weeks like a normal event and afterwards we’ll see the results.

For me personaly i would play only ground. Not getting cas’ed. I’ll wait 5 min for a match no Problem. 60% of the time playing im on youtube anyway.