Would you mind having LGBT theme related decals added to the game? Poll

  • I wouldn’t mind having LGBT theme related decals in the game
  • I would mind having LGBT theme related decals in the game

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Please only vote, there was already discussion thread(Which was locked because it went way too off-topic and I don’t want same thing here) and all I want to do is gauge the lurker community outlook and compare them. And also couple people(or maybe just one dude) suggested making a poll. So feel free to share your opinion in simple yes/no way.

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Keep your pride in the comfort of your own home. It has no place outside of your home or in videogames. Keep it to yourself.


Only problem with it that I have is that we would need a thrid category of “show xxx” in the game
We have “show only historic” and what I would call “Show historic + fantasy” with this we would also need a category to show “modern political/non military” because labeling LGBTQ as Fantasy or non historic feels kinda dumb and if we allow it we also need to allow other modern political movements for parity. If the discussion was 50 years old and done and over it would be a lot easier.
I mean we are at a point where the painted “Z” is avoided in the game and the russian orc scum uses the “V” again to not be instantly reported (Well when used un russian tanks (including those in other TTs) I still report them)

We already have enough pride representation with all the russia mains. especially the 2S38 and BMP-2M.


I’d love to put a trans flag decal next to my seal and maybe even anime body pillow on my tank… :-)

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Here’s my mindset: Everything has a time and place.

Now, I’m partially an ally of all the Pride stuff (it does tend to be a little overbearing at times, hence partially) but I would not want to see it in an environment where that sort of thing really doesn’t matter. There would be the ones who plaster their vehicles with the decals and paint a big ol’ target on thenselves for trolls and bullies, then the forums would be flooded with people complaining from both those who are against it and those who feel “targeted”.

It really doesn’t matter how you identify yourself in real life, but it just doesn’t have a place in a game like War Thunder.


I would “mind” only because of the increase of TK that would lead to
People were too stupid in 2014 and made us loose free country flags… And then we lost free chat in 2022, I’m sure that will lead to another slew of restrictions knowing how some people can be here…


Please stop the LGBT propaganda, it should not be in the WT.


No LGBT shouldnt be in WT its a corupt sicknes and we dont need it in the game we already have problems with politics


Please don’t start discussions in this thread, because it will just lead to thread being locked, and I’m unsure how poll votes with locked thread. It’s a simple yes/no question.

Honestly, I’m against it. I really don’t mind different people but this unsavoury politicizing of all of my media, games, movies is truly disturbing. Like someone wants to brainwash me, forcefully “normalizing” something. How about …no?
Must I really know about your sex habits in my game? I don’t post “lover of mature ladies with big, slightly saggy boobs” on my machinery of war, neither it’s anyone business. Keep volatile, sensitive stuff in the privacy of your own home. I really support full equality of gay people but what is happening in the western media is truly disturbing. They do no favors to gay community let me tell you that much.


You do realise that PinUps exist in WT?

Those are historical and tasteful. Celebrating of feminine beauty is totally normal in male oriented jobs like the army. Whatever they try to built with american woke army in last years is just a disgrace. I’m sorry but it is what it is.


HAHAHAH (*100)
Historical? Yes. Tastefull? Depends, I like them.
Everything else you said is either wrong or a total fantasy.

They are also not really comparable with a flag such as the LGBTQ one, but as the one to whom I wrote my comment mentioned

So the pinups existence disproves that

Actually, The UK has done the same much to the chagrin of the local populace. I frankly wish the USA didn’t indulge it at all but that’s a discussion that has no place in a WT forum, just like this entire poll and related topic. I sincerely hope a mod can come around quickly and shut this noise down, because it has no place here.

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LGBTQ stuff is legal in more than 80% of the world. It is fully illigal in less than 5%& of the world. LGBTQ flags are presented by around 20% of world governments on some occasions like a murder of an prominent LGBTQ person or servicement.
the remaining 15% of countries either have no laws against or pro LGBTQ or do not care.

SO no again you are factually absolutely wrong.

Don’t get it twisted - I’m aware it doesn’t and I’m very much on the side that I don’t want such nonsense in the game, period. I tire of the existence of it outside of videogames and I have zero desire to see it in the games I play. Such personal matters need to stay in people’s own homes, which is the only place it belongs.


First off, this is the second thread you made about this topic knowing full well it’s in violation of the forums ToC.

Second off, and I will say this as plainly as possible so you understand;

I don’t give one single microshit about your perceived rights. This is a videogame forum for a videogame where players kill eachother using vehicles of war. There is no political or socio-political aspect to this game yet here you are trying to shoe in your stupid sexual orientation nonsense where it doesn’t belong for no reason other than to stroke your own twisted ego.

You can call me whatever insult you want; I do not care because the insults from people like you are wholly meaningless. Take your pride and get the hell out of the WT forums with it. Go cry about it on Twitter for all I care.


Have a good evening.

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Oh no you coose one of the mentioned 5% what a joke you are why should I be scared of some people stuck in a dessert with only money but no functioning toilets