Would you mind having LGBT theme related decals added to the game? Poll

This is going to be my only message, because I have found out that replying to people with not confirmed war thunder account is waste of time.

We don’t choose whom do we like.

I don’t care about western world, I know well good history with it. For leave me out of it, I live well and happy where I am!


@Smin1080p sorry for the ping, but can you actually just close this thread down?
This is getting absolutely stupid, people are just arguing and that is it.
I just hope that it’s only down to the devs to decide if they ever put the stuff in question into the game or not, do not leave this one to the players’ decision, you can see where that one is going.

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I already asked one mod in PM to lock this thread, and flagged this post as inappropriate and asked to lock it down, depending on who sees it first.

Gonna close thread, vote should still work though