Would you like to see more Open Battlefields and less citys in Ground RB?

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Some tanks are never given the chance to shine in this game with all the city forced urban fighting. It would be nice to have some open maps with very little places to hide.

I enjoy both types, but it all depends on what BR your thinking about. Low to mid tier is fine for wide open maps where you don’t have laser range finders, and requires you to judge the distances.

I’m all for removing blatant spawn camping places like in the current Poland winter map, where one side just needs to move about 300m and then can fire right across the entire map right into the opposite teams spawn, which has zero cover for 400m.

I’d prefer if they would just allow the players to be able to be creative and offer different ways to approach a map, unlike some of the upcoming changes to maps I’ve seen. An example is American desert where they’ve walled off the low ground on the edges and flatten and opened things up, which seems to encourage players to just hold the W button down and charge straight ahead.

I wouldn’t mind seeing them get some inspiration from some of the Battlefield 3 maps, like Operation Firestorm, or Bandar Desert for a mix of open and urban.

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Why not some inspiration from real world engagements. Like Desert Storm, OIF and OEF. Give us the ability. So Much for the Myth of Russian Main Battle Tank Superiority – Defense Security Monitor

Give us our real world abilities and map sizes. Also they need to implement barrel collision to give tanks with urban advantages those actual advantages.