Would you like to see helicopter spawn cost increase to prevent 1 spawn helicopters?

Just a curious poll after some comment’s I have seen.

[Would you like to see this in-game?]
  • Yes
  • No

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Why? Heli rushers are inoffensive most of the time.

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Because a couple people have mentioned it in other posts. So why not bring it to a vote.

You’re joking right?
Something tells me you don’t play often enough at high tiers to get nailed by a squad of rushing KA-52s, killing everything with guided rockets and 30mm APDS

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Its funny because only 2 helis i see do this most often are the ka50/52 (ive done it many times too and about half the time i die before i even get near, the other half is like 2-3 kills + assists). The US rockets don’t hit as hard as the S-8KO rockets, so that’s why they don’t tend to do it unlike the Russian made helicopters. But yes i agree, you shouldnt be able to do it right off the hope and should be more like an air spawn points (like they use to have)

Anything but top tier helis are almost useless without atgms, especially with a ton of IFV’s around 8.0-10.0 and the people who first spawn AA.

I don’t think helis should have their spawn cost increased because the first spawn allows them to be competitive; without it, non atgm helis would be almost useless.

The absolute audacity of helicopter players to claim that helis “need” ATGMs to play well.

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What about the countless times I have seen first spawn helicopters get annihilated by AA of IFVs? I have both played, and see that happen so many times. One instance is just cherrypicked data that tells nothing.

Also, I am not talking about top tier helis, I dont have experience with fighting/playing those.

OK, so you see the problem? Top tier helis are a major issue even without AGMs

I don’t want all helis to be nerfed because of 2-3 bad top tier helis. Just nerf those helis instead.

Yes, agreed. Let’s remove first spawn abilities for helicopters with computer guided rockets and APDS.

Gets 1 kill after dying with only 2 vehicles on the opposing team

I’m convinced
So how often do you play any Helicopter?

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I don’t.

I refuse to play CAS as a principle because the way it’s implemented in Ground Forces is completely unbalanced, I would take my A-1H out at 6.3 and it would be like kicking toddlers in the face. CAS in this game requires very little skill to get kills and needs a major overhaul.

Who could’ve guessed

You’re just upset you can actually die to an aircraft and perceive injustice, regardless of costs and the kill potential between respawning a tank vs plane.

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Did you ignore everything I wrote?

I stopped playing CAS because it feels like beating up children. It’s too easy. If you think you’re good because you can get kill with CAS, please re-evaluate your life.

Go back to reddit.

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I will, have a pleasant day now, remember to take a shower. Unfortunately CAS mains often forget and as a result go about their daily lives soaked in sweat.