Would you like to see ground EC in game [poll]

Sorry if this isn’t explained well but my thoughts on a ground ec mode would be a layout kind of similar to the rush gamemode from the battlefield bad company series or that old game made they used to have with multiple spawns that changed as points were captured (i think it was called point break?) However instead with much larger maps with a “line” of capture points either by themselves or in groups of 2 or 3. So let’s say there are 5 clusters of points, at the start of the game 2 clusters are under each team’s control while there’s one cluster not captured. Once that center cluster is captured, the next set of points on the enemy team will open up to be pushed and captured as well as new spawn points becoming available (old ones closing off of course so you can’t just spawn in the middle of the contested area). The game ends when either the mission time runs out or all points are captured by one team.

Would you like to see ground enduring confrontation in game?

  • Yes, I’d like to see ground EC added in this format
  • Yes, but not in this format
  • No
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Once the CDK is ‘fixed’ and ‘stable’ things will be a lot more feasible.

There’s been some good progress in the mission workings as evident from the Assault Advance mode test they did in the past year.


There’s been some good progress in the mission workings as evident from the Assault mode test they did in the past year.

Are they now? Because AFAIK the assault mode has been the same shitty wave mode it has been for years, inferior to wave modes from games I played over a decade ago.

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There was an event like 6 months back, where they tested an attack/defend method on port novo…

You’d push through the line of caps, and the spawns would shift further and further back.

It was actually really cool.


Six months back? I was playing then and I don’t remember such a mode.

This one… It was ‘advance’ lol

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that was a year and a half ago, lmao

The laws of time and space do not apply to me if I do not accept it!

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I like the idea of having a longer game mode for ground battles. However I think that being more similar to Squads RAAS game mode would be a better option, or their invasion which is like rush on battlefield. For top tier it would be nice to have much larger maps due to vehicle speed, effective distance of weapons, and finally having some usability of the armor on mbt’s. Not having war thunder be COD: Tanks, or a point and click adventure would be the main goal. 20v20 with 5 squads of 4 on a minimum 10 sq km map for top tier and 5 cap points that operate differently from current cap points, and as you go into the lower tiers of gameplay just scale the maps back in size would be best.


I’m willing to at least try out Ground EC in any form. Ground RB as is has become quite stale, and the same is even more true for Air RB. We really need some new gamemodes.

seeing as this game mode partially exists in enlisted already, i don’t see much issue with implementing it, just requires whoever makes maps to work

I don’t think Gaijin has a dedicated map team at this point, even the latest map is a community made custom battle refitted to Gaijin game modes

Is this real? That’s kinda funny if it is

Gaijin actually outsources most of their map work from ArtStation for assets and such, you can see it here

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They need to sack theses guys .Silly cartoon maps

Anything is better than the current spawn camp simulator.

Where do I contact Gaijin to become a full time Map Designer