Would you like to have the R3 T20 changing role (from spaa to light tank) and receiving APDS, NVD and the stab back? (BR would be increased to 7.0)

Man the Wiesel 1A4 is 100 times better than the R3, you obviously have a skill problem.

What you say makes no sense.

Wiesel deserves to be at BR 7.0


  • Scouting ability. Ability that causes an increase in BR
  • Thermals. Ability that causes an increase in BR
  • Speed.
  • Small size, it is a much smaller vehicle than the R3. Wiesel can hide completely using the bush, R3 cannot.
  • APDS ammunition belt. R3 doesn’t have this ammunition belt
  • Angled armour better than R3, In the game, it happened more than once that the Wiesel managed to bounce HEAT shells, thanks to its angled armour.

R3 does not deserve to be on the same level as the Wiesel.


  • SPAA does not have the ability to scout.
  • no Thermals
  • Ammunition belt AP. AP of the R3 has less penetration than the Wiesel’s APDS.
  • Speed, the only positive feature
  • It has no stabiliser because the developers nerfed it.

Players should simply stop hating R3 and leave it at 5.0 if it remains a SPAA, whereas if the developers intend to turn it into a light vehicle then it may well reach BR 6.3 but it cannot reach the same BR as the Wiesel, for obvious reasons, the Wiesel has thermals.

Unfortunately guys he Is a german main fanboy, the Tiger 2 should be 5.0 and the Leopard 1 6.0 Bro germany suffer


Ive barely played germany ground over the last like, 2 years, but sure go off lmao. What a clown

I agree there are gaps in the Italy tree for spaa. It’s good that Gaijin added a new spaa at BR 2.3 but they need another one between that and the R3.

Support adding apds for R3 and changing it to light tanks puts it in 6.7
Or regain the original stabilizer to go 7.0/7.3, so that it can basically be regarded as an Italian type74RCV(P)

If it gets APDS and its original stabilizer, it would have to be 7.3 minimum. It’ll be better than the Type 74 RCV(p) and the Wiesel 1A4

The Type 74 RCV(p) simply does not exist in the game… I assume you are talking about the Type 87 RCV(P).

However after the recent nerf of wheeled vehicles, if he gets APDS and his “original stabiliser” which will never be done, for obvious reasons (because there’s a bunch of people who hate R3 with the intesity of a thousand suns because they’re bad at combat), then at best he’ll reach BR 6.3.
BR 7.0 will never reach it, because as you’ve been told before the Wiesel 1A4 stands at BR 7.0 because it has thermals, R3 does not.

And please stop trying to kill an inferior nation even more, please and thank you.


Typoed Type 87 to Type 74 yes.

The Type 87 RCV(p) sits at 7.3 and doesn’t have thermals either, and the R3 is more mobile, and has better gun handling in every way.

You just completely refuse to admit that the R3 is superior to other comparable vehicles in most ways and that its VASTLY under tiered already.

Like I previously said, its already the best non-radar SPAA in-game, and the buffs you want for it would just make it better than the Wiesel 1A4 and Type 87 RCV(P) which it honestly already is outside of spotting ability, which means it should at LEAST be at 7.3 if it receives APDS and its original stabilizer.

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Dude, everyone in this post is telling you that the Wiesel 1A4 is stronger than the R3, the only one here who hasn’t realised he’s blundering is you.

So as I said before, stop trying to kill an inferior nation even more, please and thank you.

In what way is the r3 worse than the new type 87? If it would get a full stabilizier and dm63 it would be way better than it and type 87 rcv p is at 7.3

Wiesel is in most things worse than the r3 except thermals and you can’t kill a tank with thermals, but it’s at a higher br with more lightly armored tanks which helps to get kills. R3 at 6.3 would only face heavy tanks.

You are just salty that it wouldn’t be op anymore

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Chris gets it

the thermals especially gen2-3 are a great advantage, plus the scouting ability and the fact that wiesel is half the size of an R3. the whole point we are arguing with the other guy is that he states rn the R3 is superior in every way to the wiesel (when is more likely to be the opposite, i have played both) and that now it should go higher than the Wiesel without any change.

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“You are just salty that it wouldn’t be op anymore”

With a reply like that you have only proved that you are a Troll.

Go reread my posts, I never said R3 should go back to BR 3.3, where everyone knows it was broken.
But it is equally true that as a SPAA it was totally balanced at BR 5.0 , it is useless to deny this fact, which you and your friend are doing.
The only ones complaining were the leading German fanboys who did not want to recognise all the qualities that the Wiesel wagon had over the R3.
Anyone with a brain knows that Wiesel being a light tank is better than the R3 SPAA we have in the game at the moment.

And even if you make R3 into a light vehicle, R3 will never reach BR 7.0 for obvious reasons:

  • R3 has no thermals, which the Wiesel does, and having thermals means an increase in BR.

And to answer your question, “How is R3 worse than the new Type 87?”

  • Elementary Chris… The Type 87 RCV (P) has smokescreens a necessary not to say essential quality for high levels, so here’s some advice you should follow to the letter before talking nonsense, do everyone a favour and learn how to play the game, thanks.
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The irony of this statement being that this entire post about the R3 and everything you and other R3 fanboys have been doing in it is complaining…

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As previously stated, the Type 87 RCV (P) doesnt have thermals either, and with the requested buffs, the R3 would literally be better than it in EVERY way. And it sits at 7.3…

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You’re an absolute clown if you think the Type 87 having smoke means its better than the R3 xD

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The irony of this statement being that this entire post about the R3 and everything you and other R3 fanboys have been doing in it is complaining…

I am not an R3 fan, and others who disagree with your nonsense are not R3 fans either.
We are simply telling you that you are wrong, and we have also provided you with inescapable proof that your argument makes no sense.

It is staggering that if someone disagrees with your nonsense you immediately etiquette them as an R3 fan.

You’re an absolute clown if you think the Type 87 having smoke means its better than the R3 xD

And here you only prove that you are a fighting incompetent, if you don’t know that in high levels it is essential to have smoke screens.
So again at the risk of being repetitive but in the right, here is some advice to follow to the letter before talking nonsense, do everyone a favour and learn how to play the game, thank you.

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I have nothing against Fiction, except when it is used to nerf vehicles/take real Features away. If the real R3 had the features that the OP mentions, the game version should have them as well.

I opt for a compromise: Folder the Fake R3 and the real TD Variant. So players can decide for themselves.

Weird, its in your top 10 most played ground vehicles tho… 🤣

What “inescapable proof” you’ve done nothing but say “the R3 could never be 7.0 cuz it doesnt have thermals!!!” Followed by “the Type 87 is better because it has Smoke!!!” Despite the fact thats its been pointed out to you that the R3 matches or exceeds both the Wiesel and Type 87 in effectively every metric of both mobility and firepower.

The R3 keeps going up because the R3 is undertiered and an incredibly strong vehicle. The changes you propose would EASILY make it 7.3 material, as indicated by the other most similar vehicles to it ingame. You’re just delusional at this point. You have no actual evidence to support your argument, just your opinion on how a vehicle you clearly enjoy and are biased towards compares to vehicles you’ve never played. None of what you said is substantiated. You just keep moving the goal post everytime someone proves you wrong.

The Wiesel 1A4 doesnt have smoke screens, neither do many other vehicles? Smoke is nice sure, but it doesnt account for better mobility, and better gun handleing on a small caliber autocannon equiped vehicle. And 7.0 isnt “high levels” btw. Its more like mid-tier ingame

Saying you’re right over and over without any real evidence doesnt make you right m8. You should probably take your own advice, play a few other nations aside from Italy, and get some more games under your belt before you go around acting like you’re the worlds best WT player 🤡

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