Would sending a Flight Manual that I found on public domain be okay?

I found a source that talks about the F-4C and its flare situation, and I found it on google just with a simple search, its from October 1970 published by the USAF so it is over 50 years old

But I don’t see a “declassification” or any sort of marking like that
Its not “classified” but does say:
“Reproduction for non-military use of the information or illustrations contained in this publication is not permitted. The policy for military use reproduction is established for the Army in AR 380-5 and SR 380-5-10. for the Navy in Navy Regulations, Article 1517, and for the Air Force in Air Force Regulation 205-1.”

Is this allowed? Im just ultra paranoid at my almost 1k hour account that I’ve spent a lot of money on

Edit: i posted my thing, according ti the fourm rules its allowed as its being bought and sold, and is available to the public, im just a mega anxious person lol

I would ditch it if I were you since it doesn’t have declassified labels and non-military reproduction is not allowed. Just because you found it on a public domain doesn’t mean it was meant to be there.

I am just waiting for an admin or something to shut me down or allow it like they did with a post when I asked a similar question about the MIG-21-F13-300

What is the title of the manual?

T.O. 1F-4C-1 Flight Manual for the F-4C/D/E

Its found publicly online if you google it, I’m obv not sending links or anything

I think that manual has been used for bug reports before however the only flare pod the F-4C can carry is the illumination flare one which would give it flares, sure but it would be slow rise flares only ( those would be really ineffective vs any missile really)

Why should anybody on the forums be able to know that? If you want reliable information on whether or not it is declassified, you need to ask a reliable source, like the MoD or something.

It caries the MLU-32/B99 Brighteye, and while they are illumination flares, they still burn and with manuvers could shake off the IR guidance of some missles at 10.0

And its also supposed to have AIM-7Es which i put in the report too

Best way to be .Even discussing things on here is a risk.I stay and play WW2 but even then it’s easy to get into discussion about more modern things that might be deemed sensitive by some.Look at the Julian Assange thing,