Would like your opinion if ground forces rank VII get their less potent APFSDS as stock Ammo

About the title says , I have this opinion that Ground Vehicles at rank VII should get their less potent APFSDS round as stock ammo .

I play Sweden at the moment , got to tier VII and unlocked the Strv 121 . Since I want to unlock rank VIII ground vehicles , I need to purchase everything in rank VII . The Strv 121 comes equipped with stock ammo with DM13 , while the Finish Leopard with DM12 which is a HEAT FS round . Now while trying to play with the Finish Leopard , while being stock it’s extremely hard ( from my end ) since most maps are either huge , which Laser Finder helps a lot or very CQB .

While being stock if I turn to the wrong turn and there are 2 enemies , I can’t do anything , since being stock I don’t have a repair kit which at the end of the day , I’ll die and lose 1 vehicle just like that . In very big and large maps , I’ll get shot from across the map and it will be harder for me to calculate distances etc .

With no repair kit I’ll have to go to a Capture point to repair , the match might be even on of those that your team can’t go near any cap you’ll losing badly , so I can’t repair and most of the time no one comes to help repair because you’ll be siting ducks for enemy tanks , helicopters or planes .

It would be a positive thing for even rank VII have they lesser potent APFSDS as stock round , so players unlocking post cold war tanks or more modern vehicles have a fighting chance at least . Most USSR/Russian vehicles have ERA , my DM12 heat fs can’t do much for example to them . Even though having 480mm of pen , it doesn’t seem doing much for 480mm pen to be honest .

Rank VII got stock lesser apfsds as stock for the reason spall liners coming to game . Why not Rank VII ? Since I got the Finnish Leopard 2A4 , I only got 1 kill and more than 6 deaths in all the matches I’ve played because simply the round can’t do much and not having parts makes it even more difficult to be more offensive etc . I don’t want to be a dead weight to my team mates being with 30 score because I must sit somewhere hidden in case someone passes and for me , my only chance to kill them is by shooting them from behind or side .

What’s your opinion on this ? I might be wrong , some might come in and make fun of me because of skill issue . But when I was using the Strv 121 , I didn’t have that much hard of the time while being stock .