Would choosing lineup AFTER joining game be a good change?

I was thinking about it and can’t figure out if its a good idea or not.

In real life you obviously know the terrain before you plan to attack/defend and therefore choose the appropriate vehicle for that terrain.
Would it then be a good idea to let player choose their lineup (within a set BR range and only equal to or down from match BR) after they know what map they are going to play?
That way we wont have vehicles in our lineup that would make no sense to spawn in given the map.

For example if its a very CQC heavy map i would not like to spawn in in my Strv 103C as i would most certainly die before even having a chance to round a corner. or in contrast i don’t want to spawn in my CV9040 in an open field map as i do little to no damage at range and get destroyed as soon as my turret comes over a hill.

right now there are situations where i play on one of these maps and all other crews are dead and i have no choice to spawn in a vehicle that will with a very high likelihood just cost me SL and gain me nothing, and if i don’t spawn in and instead leave the crew is locked for that vehicle.

This is obviously not a huge issue nor happens often but still something i thought about.

looking forward to your thoughts and input.

I change my 8.7 lineup to just my T-55 AMD for SL/RP farming and leave after 1 death if I get any map that doesn’t suit the Shturm-S when I’m farming SPG kills for the BP tasks.

Tell me how 90% of the player base isn’t going to do that every match ^


i don’t thing a change of my suggestion would increase or decrease the number of people doing that.
If they aim for SPG kills and don’t like the map they got, they are going to ODL(or just afk) regardless of lineup choice before or after map reveal.

It wouldn’t matter at high tiers since 95% of people r single spawning a premium and leaving lmao

This seems like a problem you could solve by having more crew slots and a varied selection of vehicles.


yes and no.
more crew slots would just delay the forced choice to pick a vehicle suboptimal for that map.
varied selection i already have. its when all crews but the last one are dead i am essentially forced to pick a vehicle not ment for the map that i’m talking about.

Youve got 8 crew slots to choose from. And even if your f2p youve still got 4. Take 1 heavy, one medium, 1 light, and one spaa.

The map is bad for heavies? Take the medium or light.

The map is good for heavies? Take the heavy.

The map has good flanking routes? Take the light tank.

You die to CAS? Spawn the spaa to drain your spawn points and leave the battle.

Its really not that hard to prepare for all maps.


i think you are missing the point.
this is only a problem when all other crew is dead and i no longer have a choice.
only one tank left in lineup. and that tank is almost always going to be the worst choice for that map since i already have played (and died in) the other choices in my lineup.

So what your saying is that because you werent able to do well with your good tanks you should be allowed to trade out a tank you dont like?

Theres this little thing called free backups which you can get in the battle pass. And you can even save them up. Ive collected 200 so far.

Light and mediums will often do well on most maps. Giving you 4 spawns with what should be your best overall tanks.

And since spaa have high skill floors compared to CAS pressing spacebar trade that crew out in the hanger for another medium or light. Giving you 6 spawns of good vehicles.

And if its towards the end of a battle and the map isnt too big the heavy tank is gonna be a big threat to the light tanks and spaa on the battlefield.

4 spawns is a lot, its really not common to get the time to spawn 5 or 6 times in a battle.

So i really dont see the issue here.


Use a backup.

In general, the suggestion is a bad idea. Some players would take forever to change lineups. No one would pay for crews and apparently for their training.

Ultimately, why crews at all? Just pick a legitimate vehicle from the tree,

not at all. there are maps that take a long time to play on. usually the ones with only 2 points (one for each team). in those cases i can play very well and end up using all my tanks anyway.
And no, not trade out in the middle of battle, just once before battle starts.

actually a good point, but that only minimizes the problem and makes it less frequent (which is good). sadly it does not eliminate it.

its not as easy as “light and medium”. one medium might be better than another medium on a specific map. look at my original post, the Strv 103C is a medium tank but absolutely sucks in CQC maps and dominates open long range maps another medium tank might be the opposite.
and compare taking the CV9040 or the CV90120 both light tanks but i would not want the CV9040 in an open field, i would much rather have the CV90120.

I use up all my crew in a single battle a majority of my matches. it might not be common for you, but it very much depends on playstyle and map.

and if i’m out of those?

its a good point about the GE crew slots. but does that then not make the playing field more even for paying and F2P players?
Edit: the change of lineup would be during the 20 second timer, changing nothing about when players spawn in.

how would it affect crew training?

How is backups related to economy? as far as i know they can’t be bought with SL.

Same as with spawn points. Blame it on your economy.

What your saying here is that your feeding 4+ kills to the nemy team the majority of battles. You should not be dying that much. And especially if your using backups as well. Thats legitemately worse for your entire team because that means your team lost at least 400 tickets and the enemy team can now spawn more CAS and more tanks.

The most important part of a batlle is the planning phase, if you bring a knife to a gun fight you dont complain about how the other guy is better preppared.

I take a tank out and i try to make it last 25mins because the longer im in a tank the more RP i get.

as long as i have a positive K/D ratio i’m NET gaining my team points. and that is not counting point-capture or any other things that i do to benefit my team.
I would also not be able to spawn in new vehicles if i only die and don’t get any kills because of SP cost to spawn.

exactly my original thought, adding a choice of lineup change before match start would add to the planning phase.
And what if you HAD to fight a guy with a gun and only have a knife to choose? that is my issue. i have no way of choosing something else and no way to better prepare for that particular fight.

of course i try to survive as long as possible but sometimes you have an off day or bad luck. i mostly don’t but i do still have those days. i on average have a K/D ratio of 1.1 in RB and these are my stats for the past 3 weeks:
Screenshot 2023-11-22 153040

i do however have to amend my previous statement, i do not use all 5 (yes we have 5 crew as a base if you don’t use GE) in a majority of matches. but it happens enough times for me to start thinking about it.

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Yeah thats not good. Im a fairly average player and i average about 2-3 kills per death even with some of my less liked tanks i still average about 1.5 or higher.

Though as long as your trading kills for caps that remain captured for longer than 2 seconds then at least you wont be a detriment to your team.

Except thats not your issue, as you clearly stated you HAD multiple guns you couldve used and DID use but because you wasted them you are stuck with the knife you brought.

Thats not true. Getting shot at, getting assists, assist capture, all grant spawn points.

Not to mention depending on uptier or downtier you can spawn 2 medium tanks without doing anything.

Well, kills are definitely not everything.
These are your stats:

And here are mine:

i would not say my 1.1 K/D is any good no, but it clearly does not matter that much as i have a higher win percentage and higher number of kills per battle compared to you.
so it seems like its just different playstyles more than “bad” or “good”.

True, that does however not take away from my point that had i had the chance beforehand knowing that my opponent only had guns, i would have changed out my knife for yet another gun before starting.

good point, i concede to that.

What about if you limit the lineup change to be vehicles of the same kind? so if you want to change out a light tank, you can only choose other light tanks from your tree.

3% higher winrate? You wanna chalk that up to personal skill? Really, with the randomness of battles where you can do everything and your team will still lose?

You can easily end up losing 10 times in a row because of one death leavers.

Also if you would so kindly take a look at the total number of battles youll see i have a couple times more than you. Stats usually level out with smaller changes over time.

Except unlike the other person you decided not to bring another gun. How on earth should that warrant you getting extra time to plan.

Everyone knows the rules and everyone gets the same exact amount of time to plan. Dont blame war thunder for you not planning as well as the enemy.

How would this even work? It takes a couple minutes to create a lineup, so you’d have to spawn in quite late. Also, how would BRs for the battle be enforced? Would you pick a BR before loading in, then be locked to vehicles at or below the BR?
Honestly, I don’t see this being technically feasible in any way. Just make a big ol lineup with a variety of vehicles and spawn in the ones that work for the map/situation.

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i never said skill, i said different playstyles.
and yes, it definitely will average out over time with more battles.
you sound very defensive, it was not ment as an attack on you or your skill. i am sorry if it seemed like that, it was not my intention.
my intention was to show that i am not a bad player as you suggested and that getting all of your crew killed in a single battle is not always about skill or being good or bad, it can also be about playstyle.

no? they don’t get to change after knowing the map? they also have the same chance as me to accidentally bring the knife since none of us know what map it is going to be.
to step away from the analogy:
i have no way of knowing if its best to bring my CV9040 or my CV90120, it is all down to chance if i get a map that suites the one i happened to bring. same with my opponent, they also have that risk/chance of getting a map not good for one or some of their vehicles.

exactly. everyone gets the same.
There is absolutely no blame here. its an idea, not a “this function sucks and needs to be changed”.
changing it to a choice after map reveal will benefit both sides equally. it will not change the odds for any specific side.
and my point here is that i DON’T get to plan.