Would be nice to sit down and talk

Deae Gaijin developers.

Okay so, the new update just dropped, and a new mig29 is coming.

So, your telling all of us, that the best nation in the entire game at top tier jets, needs a new jet wich is a very improved version of the already dominant one, with even better weapons, avionics and more?

What do you think other nations can do? Like, do you think a tornado F3 can face a Mig29 in fair conditions? Do you think cheap aim7s, aim9ls and aim54s justify the addition of the R27ER1 to the game a few months ago? Cant you add more advanced missiles like the aim120 amraam or something to make battles a bit more fair towards the USSR, wich is now getting a jet fighter of the early 2000 while most of other nations are barely sitting on 1970s stuff?

I think that, with all due respect, as adults, you may also think or understand that this kind of behaviour of spoonfeeding the USSR on every update can seem a bit childish and inmature: “everything good to my nation, best nation!!”

I know that now Ill get banned from the forums for something like a week, a month or more, I know how this works, but the favouritism, the bias, however you call it exists, its very real, and your players know it, no matter how many posts you delete or how many players you mute for calling out the truth.

Thank you for reading, have a very nice day.


You don’t understand! Russia needed R73 and R27ET to stay competitive! Russia was suffering against the slightly more endurant F16 with sub-mig23 BVR capability. They need the fastest missiles in the game to counter 17g ARH missile. Russia suffers!


I genuinely can’t tell if thats serious or not

If it isn’t serious then disregard the below

If it is… well:
Everyone knows to counter an F-14 you need an R-27ER or you go low and close in with them.

Simple as that
The MiG-23 has the same problems everyone else does at that BR. It’s in a somewhat better position in that it can in theory dogfight and still stand a chance against F-14s. Against F-16s and MiG-29s, nuh uh.

I hate being a British Air main sometimes. and this is one of those times.

140k rp to Skyflash SuperTEMP, to which you still get outsticked but at least have a fighting chance. oh, and to get said missile you have to play a plane with a turning circle so big you can fit a small city inside of it.

It is a joke lol

29SMT gets the BEST IR and SARH missiles in game, while everyone else is stuck using early 80s and late 70s junk.

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thank god i was starting to get worried about my sanity there hehe

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Yeah, the addition of another top dog to the country which already had the top dog, is just crazy. R73s with HMD? Where’s our AIM120s? Gaijin literally forgot about British Aviation… crazy bro. Swedish Aviation and French aviation aren’t in much of a better place. Yes, they work, but not for much longer.

They aren’t even trying to hide the Russian Bias anymore, it’s so blatant.

Best AA in the Game, ridiculously OP. Best Toptier lineup for ground BY FAR. Nothing stops those helis and the ability of Russia to control the airspace in any game with their OP AAs, Strongest Fighters, and strongest helis. With a Tank, T80BVM that is one of, if not the strongest tanks in the game.

So let’s get this straight, Russia gets another MIG29, Instead of simply having the strongest BVR missiles and being somewhat equal but still slightly better than the F16, they now also get the best IR missiles in the game with a Helmet Mounted Device, they are unmatched when it comes to maneuverability. On top of that, a new, even better (Range) IR missile? Now let’s see what the other countries get to counter this ridiculous beast of a plane.

USA: The same good ol’ F16, just with a slightly better Engine.
Germany: Nothing.
UK: Nothing.
Japan: Nothing.
China: Nothing.
Italy: Nothing.
France: Nothing
Sweden: Nothing
Israel: A F16, with worse missiles than the previous F16 and still no BVR armament.

Yeah yeah, can’t see Air RB’s top tier getting any less balanced after this update. EXACTLY what the nation with the best-performing fighter needs!


its pathetic when you realise that:
sweden doesnt have a gen 4 yet
britain is stuck with a tornado as their top jet
neither have gotten anything this or the past updates that is even remotely competitive

but russia clearly needs a new jet with R-27ER, ET and R-73 AND the US desperately needs ANOTHER top tier jet because its not like they got plenty in the recent updates.

i had a smidge of hope for this update.


How dare you say that
clearly russia has no 80%wr so it needs it
Was nice meeting you :D


I mean i cant speak for everyone but I was put off the Tornado when it got W List radar on release and it took the best part of a month to iron out the major issues. my interest in it died at that point. I’d rather take a Phantom and re-enact Colonel Custer’s Last Stand with my Skyslugs and AIM-9Gees + Gunpod mix

I mean, it works…


considering that there might not be a UK tree consultant, I wonder if one exists for the Swedish tree…

I concur, the new Mig-29 and F-16 were probbaly due soon, but not before all nations were on parity. The lack of viable 11.7s for both Britain and Sweden, not too mention BR12s. Should have delayed their addition until such time they get something playable. Im expecting AMRAAM in the update after this one, which means we may finally get some teeth on the Tornado F3 or better yet, an addition like the Sea Harrier FA2. But I fear these jets will be just as DOA as they have been in the past, simply because every other nation will be fielding equal if not better versions.

It is time I beleive, for compromises to be had and to release the 4th gen aircraft for all nations, such as early Typhoons. The current state of the game is not sustainable if only 2 nations, and those that have access to their hand-me-downs/scraps can actually be played.

This is esepcially true as the aircraft we do get, are rarely finished in a timely manner. FRS1 took 9 months to finish, Torandos and Harrier Gr7 still not finished. This just widens the gap even further


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I would like to join this for german tree, a consultant for a german tree might have told them that the KF41 only in hungary is a bad idea while the Puma model is broken and we had a Puma S1 variant, if those things would have been met, the KF41 addition would meet half the problems since the Puma actualy worked

Seem gaijin think that Russian are not easy braindead enough to play so they decided to make it even more braindead to play
Now days I’m in the point that stop playing Russia because i feel disgusting and unfair


nobody complained about the addition of the R27ER, the Mig29 definitely needed it to stay competitive since it still only carried the R60Ms while its counterpart the F16 and to some part the F14B can carry 4 aim9Ls on top of SARH and ARH missiles. Completely fair - less missiles but the missiles it gets win in a 1v1 situation 90% of the time (R27ER).

Now with the Su25BM we have seen that R73s have been nerfed to an extent which makes them acceptable in terms of IRCCM ingame, which made them a viable choice for the Mig29s. On the other hand the R27ET it just straight up broken, basically same firing range, speed and manoeuvrability as the R27ETs but without requiring a constant lock. And this my dear friend, this is bullshit, especially with other nation still having to compete at the same BR range with fucking phantoms as their top tier jet.

Pls remove the R27ETs and everything will be alright I hope

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the missle is hugely bugged and already acts differently on the dev server

second problem is that only russia gets access to R73, german mig 29 should get access to R73 in someway as well and not just stand alone without access to them

lets be fair here, the Mig29SMT and the F16C shouldnt have been added this patch, completely useless addition which just brings major problems to the current meta


oh yeah definitly, specialy if one looks in the direction of sweden and britian, would have argued israel deserverd a new bvr capable fighter, but the new f16 isnt even capable of that either if i saw it right

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I mean personally I am slightly worried that even France, which was a very strong nation in Air RB a number of patches ago, is about to get completely demolished needlessly. I might be completely wrong, but the two current top tier additions feel like a daft addition at this point in time, especially given some nations still don’t have anything higher than 11.7 BR wise.

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US could have 3 perfectly functional top-tier CAS planes with the full-on laser paveway experience with the:

A6 swip



But instead we get the third copy+paste F16.