Would be nice to sit down and talk

Everyone complains about them. They were so stupidly OP it has rendered BVR trucks like the F3 unplayable


F-111 as well, thats long overdue for them. Wont be top tier anymore, but people would still play it


Compression is a whole different problem, i am talking about 12.0 vs 12.0 combat.

Ah… i still hear complaints from F-16s and F-14s, They are even better vs them. SkyTrash ST are crap but they are slightly faster than the Aim-7M. So they stand even less chance vs the Mig-29

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i’ve made this sort of post before and after here and there but i guess that having a reputation for saying “hot takes” automatically discredits you when you’re being right.

The AIM9L is amazing despite it’s dumbastic issues like going for a teammate that is above and ahead from the enemy if the enemy flares the missile away (this is why missiles should detonate on connect with the flare like real life ) and being the slowest heatseeker of rank 8. Other than that it’s an oogabooga missile that will give you meme kills where it sometimes ignores flares.

AIM7M is, as a sparrow, an amazing missile. The problem it has is: it’s just a sparrow. Other missiles won’t instantly detonate if they lose lock or get notched and if you want your sparrow to still hit during a notch you can’t ask much because it’s so ridiculously slow and turns so little compared to literally anything else at it’s br that it’s not even useful up close unless the enemy is going veeeerrrrry slow.