Would anyone invite me there squadron?

Hello everyone, I’m not allowed to use discord but i am 90% active if possible i would like to be a Officer. My squadron is not that much active. I’d like to be in a
1st through 15th place if possible. Thank you!

Just for your information: All squadrons in the Top100 and some below are actively playing SQB. That means you’ll need to use a voice chat program there, be it Discord or TeamSpeak.

Also, your desire to be accepted as an officer is a bit, um, presumptuous. They have to get to know you first before you can do anything there.

But looking at your stat card, especially your K/D in GRB and ARB. That doesn’t indicate that you’re competitive.

And in the TOP20 it all gets a bit more special…


Out of curiosity, why is that?

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Guess his age? In Germany f.e. you must be at least 16 to join Discord.

Strict parents 🙄

I am over 16 that’s not the cae

However, you live with your parents and they have forbidden you to do that, so it doesn’t matter if you’re 30…

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WT is also 16+ lol

So true bro so true

Your not allowed discord but be on the forums, something isn’t right

Why not just start your own. Unless a squad knows you, asking to join as an officer is really not going to happen in the top squads.