WoT player trying to understand spotting

Concealment, spotting I just don’t get it.
In WoT I strive to stay unspotted, we use things like double bushing to shoot without being seen.
You have sixth sense which tells you your spotted and I get it, War Thunder is nothing like WoT.
So how does the spotting system work in WT?
How do I stay invisible on the minimap?
My nephew tells me that in arcade it doesn’t matter?

If anyone can share a link or insight so I can get my head round this, that would be awesome.

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Your nephew is sort of correct. There is spotting is the sense that you are used to, marker showing over tanks. However, tanks are still rendered even if not “spotted”.

It has been a long while since i played arcade but i believe the spotting is based around the enemy’s crew spotting lvl and your tanks “visability”. Every tank has a % lvl visability, larger tanks having higher %. Of course being behind bushes helps.

Again, it has been years since i played arcade so this stuff might be wrong. If you ever want to try realistic, i can help a lot better. Good luck.

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I think we are moving to realistic, my nephew is keen to go that route.
The few games he played of realistic didn’t go well.
I dunno is it easier to play realistic?

I don’t really play arcade, and last time i l’ve played wot was like 3 or 4 years ago, but generally I think visibility in WT has few components:

Tank visibility - like in WoT, tanks have their own visibility coefficient. In wot you can decrease it with crew skills and camo nets, however i don’t believe you can do something similar in WT.

Your crew “eyes”: just like in WoT, you can increase the distance you can “spot” the enemies by leveling up particular skill in you crew.

Also I’m not sure, but as previous comment said, bushes and other structures can make spotting harder

It’s worth mentioning that in WT vehicles are always rendered, even if not spotted. So you can easily have situations where you can clearly see your enemy with your eyes and kill it, but it will not be spotted.

P.S. that’s offtopic, but I’d suggest moving to realistic battles as soon as you become comfortable with general mechanics of the game. RB simply have more variety (unlimited spawns, given you have enough spawn points, ability to slot in your own aircraft etc)

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It’s not easier/harder. It’s simply different, and IMO more interesting. At first it may be harder because there are no markers on enemy players (unless they are scouted or hit). There is no shell drop indicator, there is no penetration indicator. Vehicles are generally slower and more “realistic”. But once you get used to it, learn some common weak spots, it’s going to be not any harder than paying wot

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I will agree with what Ex3RC said. Also, it is much easier to be sneaky because you dont have a marker above your head.

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just played a couple of realistic, was pretty dull tbh but that’s my lack of map knowledge, choke points etc.
Now I know rangefinder only works with binocs.
The two games I just played I saw maybe 3 tanks but they obviously saw me.
I was in the black cat as I thought it would be a good tank for spotting :/

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Rangefinder works in gunner sight too. It might be less chaotic than arcade but i feel like it opens up to some tactics that are not possible in arcade.

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RB can seem boring because they are generally slower and less chaotic than arcade or WoT, but at the same time more rewarding and more diverse in terms of your playstyle

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For GRB (Ground Realistic Battles) you need patience good map knowledge.
On top of this comes the danger from the air, which can be very unfamiliar. Just expect to see the first aeroplanes after 3 minutes and you’ll be prepared for a new threat to appear.
It’s really important to know what you can achieve with which tool and when.
Light tanks are sometimes difficult to play because every mistake is potentially fatal. This is no different to WoT. The only difference is that you are almost always visible and have to act like it.
A good tip I once heard is the following.
Drive over the maps like water would. Water will never flow over a hill, water will always move in the valleys.
Take your time on your journey through WT. The time in ranks 3 to 5 is one of the most educative.
And the good thing is if you have any questions you can always come here. There are actually players here who are happy to reveal their secrets to fellow players who are willing to learn.

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You can also be spotted by enemy planes, and in Arcade there is always planes in the air. This is probably the biggest reason why most players get spotted when trying to flank the enemy team.

In Arcade, it’s hard cause of planes but if you stay out of sight and use the third person view to spot enemies you can stay hidden and still get some enemy tanks unaware. Planes will eventually spot you cause they can spawn from every direction.

It does but it’s much easier for enemy to spot you cause once anyone spots you, tank or plane, you’ll get a marker on you and on the minimap for anyone to see.

Important: If you get hit in GRB you light up on the enemy minimap for a short time. That is why some who can’t fight you spray MG on you to reveal your position to others.

It’s different, probably harder to get used to if you never played the game since you still don’t know weakspots on enemy tanks, how to lead your gun, no map knowledge. Arcade can give you some help there cause it teaches you where the weakspots are for each tank, how to lead your gun to hit those and with markers in the minimap you get a better idea of what others are doing, their paths, good spots, etc… Arcade is also more fast paced, which is the main reason why I prefer it, there is always a lot of action and fast. There is no rangefinder in Arcade but you can see the distance on the markers.

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Also if your teammate spots a enemy then you can see it in your mini map as well. If you increase your radio communication crew skill then you can see them from further.

Hi, i would recommend reading a couple of pages from the war thunder wiki to do with this, because there are a few parts to the overall spotting mechanic in war thunder. Firstly, this page https://wiki.warthunder.com/Scouting will give you a good overview of the scouting mechanics, and how to use them. Then , on this page Crew skills - War Thunder Wiki , in the Keen Vision section, this will explain how the crew skills effect the visiblity of other vehicles in the different game modes. I hope this helps.

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There’s many answers already but as a former WoT player, let me tell you… it ain’t like that at all. I no longer remember exactly how arcade works (get out of that…) but realistic battles (come play with the real men and women :P) works like this:

You will be visible on the minimap if:

  1. you are in the enemy’s spawn area
  2. some enemy with scout ability (most light tanks) has scouted you. That puts a marker over your head and shows you on the minimap for a certain duration (forgot how long).
  3. edited to add: when you’ve gotten hit (but not died) you also briefly appear on minimap and are marked. Hence the tactic of machinegunning an enemy if they’ve taken your barrel/breech out, you’re still most likely going to die but at least your team will know where they are so they can take care of business - hopefully before you die.

Basically, you stay invisible on the minimap by using terrain and hoping nobody’s spotted you and scouted you. You will know when you’re scouted when artillery starts dropping on you (orange smokes), or suddenly become focused by multiple vehicles.

Also works with gunner sight :)

It is a decent vehicle but keep in mind, you don’t have to be spotted in order to die. If someone actually visually sees you on their screen, they can shoot at you. And the M18 has no armor to speak of so it will usually die if the person shooting at you loaded up high explosive ammo.

The thing in realistic isn’t necessarily to be good at aiming and shooting; the #1 skill to have is to know your vehicle and the terrain. Don’t skyline yourself, don’t go for the shortest path between 2 points, and of course, what are the spots where your enemies tend to lie in wait for you to zip by.

It’ll take a while but worth it :)