Worst rank1, reserve tank?

I know people will say france because bad mobillity and garbage guns, but i think japan is the worst. The I go ko’s APHE has 21mm of pen. And in the chinese tree you have the M8 armored car with a 50cal with 31mm of pen. It also has 17mm of armor and is pretty slow. I want to grind japan but using the ha go and i go ko will just make me suffer. Whenever i see a low tier reserve japanese tank, i always think of it as a free kill.

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I-go-ko gets heat with 55mm of pen

I have to agree the I go ko is the worst reserve tank I have ever played, and honesty the Ha Go was even better before it was removed from being the reserve tank. Even after the penetration changes I still think the round the Ha Go has is better than the one on the I go ko and the only reason I imagine the same didn’t occur to the I go ko is because of the Heat round which is better than the round on the Ha Go.

Rank 1 Japan isn’t that bad but the very start is bad, once you get past the very start of it get better so I would say if you really want to play Japan without a premium vehicle or boosting research with convertible rp you just have to put up with the pain for a bit but Rank 2 will feel much better by comparison.

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Yes but you have to grind for it, and heat can be incosistent.

In terms of an individual tank, I think the M2A2 and T-60 are strong contenders. I actually found the reserve French and Japanese tanks to be a pleasant experience

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There all the same, just starters to get into game

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The AMC.34 YR is uncontested in this title.

There is a reason it was removed from the French TT.

APHE shell with 27mm pen at point blank (at 500 meters it’s only 20mm flat), along with a 6 second reload (7.8 seconds for someone who just installed the game).

old french reserve with like 20mm pen apcr rounds

Honestly, grinding it isnt much of a factor for reserve tanks.

Im just worried about a new player choosing japan as their starter nation and experiencing 21mm of pen at 10m.

and this despite the fact that Japan 35-45 in this game is much stronger than its historical prototypes…

I sort of skipped early Japan by buying the premium and playing that until the line up caught up. Its great fun an 3-4.

France has really heavy armed reserves, they seem to take hits. Italy was a real struggle.

Unfortunately, the Gaijin formula has significantly distorted the meaning of armor penetration. This gun was supposed to be capable of penetrating about 32 mm through the special Nisenko armor used on the tank. This case-hardened nickel-chromium steel provides approximately 15-20% more durability than the US standard RHA standard in the game (hardness differences and caliber effects aside). In other words, if the tank were adequately configured in the game, it would provide penetration of about 38 mm. For this gun there was also a later armor-piercing shell (Type 1), a little heavier, but much more durable, which again cannot be displayed in the game. In addition, a number of sources (including Tomio Hara) report that by modifying the powder charge, they increase the initial speed from ~350 m/s to ~420 m/s in order to increase armor penetration. By the way, this feature is showed by the fleet developers (on the ship Soukou-Tei No.4), who are much more loyal to the Japanese branch. If the developer cared even a little about the historical discrepancy, we could technically see figures of up to 50 mm at point-blank range for the later projectile and charge, versus 21 mm for the current one.

In general, during the battles, Chi-Ha firing the old Type 92 APHE shell actually had problems penetrating American tanks. It’s just that in practice this required multiple hits - APHE shells did not penetrate tank’s armor plates, but crushed them, and after several hits they tore at the point of contact. Unfortunately, this is not possible in the game. Moreover, after experimental firing, Chi-Ha tankers began to use high-explosive shells - it turned out that they were quite enough to confidently defeat American tanks (in particular, Stuarts). There are currently no such mechanics in the game. This mechanics were removed by the developer in the early stages of the tank project, as they did not like the fact that large-caliber guns by using HE shells had the opportunity to not target vulnerable areas of enemy tanks, but just shoot at enemy tank.

Also, even a 55mm HEAT penetration is incorrect. It came from an error in American tests, which used a standard powder charge for the HEAT projectile instead of a special reduced one, which is why the copper funnel was deformed иuntil the explosive detonated completely. In practice, the HEAT penetration of a projectile should be about 75 mm, albeit with a drop in initial velocity to ~280-300 m/s.

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I just used the SPAAs to grind my way past. At least they had quick firing guns, and 45mm of pen works wonders, and you can defend yourself against CAS.

While ture that the french 37mm Apcr is garbage, i dont think the french tanks nor the I-Go Ko are the worst Reserve tanks. The french got good armor and the Heat of the 57mm gun is quite reliable and good imo. Also if you know enemys are close or you are in a defencive position, turning the tank around is really good, it has the same (and more) armor at the back, but also heavily angled, as well as engine and transmission are then in the way.

I say the worst is the Pz III Ausf. B
I suppose gaijin too, as germany is the only nation with 3 Reserve tanks, cince they added the B.
But why? It has only 14,5mm armor and lower hull is even just 10mm so under some situations even normal Mg fire can destroy its transmission.
The gun is Ok, it does work with the lower ranks, tho combination of allmost no armor, with relatively slow speed (35 km/h) and most importantly no turret traverse speed (with it beeing wrong or not). The same is also for the E, it just has more armor and more speed which helps a bit.

Worst rank I that’s still obtainable?

For me it would be a tie between the Independant in the British tree and the Csaba.

As for reserve, anything French or Japanese.

Try the M2A2 🌚

Blink Blink You don’t use the APHE shell, you use the HEAT shell.
Another thing is Japanese Tanks weren’t frontline tanks they were infantry support vehicles meaning in WT you’re meant to support teammates not go on your own and expect to get kills. This later on changed however the infantry part was pretty much kept in mind.

Definitely the M2A2 I would say. It straight-up can’t kill several French machines from any direction at any range. T-60 is also godawful but at least it can move. Pyramid Head is funny but with patience APCR works. The AMC.34 YR is also pretty bad.